Fractus Gemmis is an Umbrella Fighting game made by SuperSonicDarkness (tbc) involving the destruction of universes....and time loops.....and stuff. 



  • Crystal Clash: The main gamemode. It plays very similarly to the Super Smash Bros games, but there are some atributes from other games, such as the interaction with the environment from Injustice, and the characters can perform finishing moves on their opponent at the end of the fight, similarly to Mortal Kombat. 
  • Adventure: Where you go through levels based on the worlds involved in the game. After every few battles you must face another character in a battle. 
  • Challenge Tower: Another element adopted from Mortal Kombat, you go through a series of challenges, ranging from as simple as performing a combo to something as difficult as flawlessly defeating 3 enemies in a row. 
  • Story Mode: The story mode focuses on 3D, open world platforming, similarly to a LEGO game. Also like a LEGO game, there are some puzzles where you need to interact with the environment to solve. 



In a strange catastrophe, all the worlds involved in the game get destroyed by the god of destruction, Crystalion. His brother, the god of creation, Gemnistilon, is angered, and tries to salvage the worlds, but can only save chunks and fuses them together in a world dubbed "Gemmis," where the main sport is combat. However, the villain characters feel that they don't have enough representation in their universe and that Gemnistilon, now known as simply "The Creator," is obviously favoring the heroes, and they start a riot, causing the heroes to try to stop them. The villains begin to gain the upper hand when Crystalion reveals a shocking secret that turns the simple battle of good vs evil into an absolute free for all.

Full Story


Starting Characters

There will be 25 Starting Characters. 


Image Character Description Franchise
MarioMPSSC Mario Nintendo's famed mascot, Mario attacks with the Cat Suit, can use clones, and throws fireballs. He also can use his cape to either fly or deflect projectiles. 

SSB Mario Series

Super Mario Bros

PacmanSmash Pac-Man A strange yellow creature whose always hungry for adventure, Pac-Man can chomp at players or can eat special pellets to gain super powers.

SSB Pac-Man Series


Natsu Anime S2 Natsu Dragneel The adoptive son of Igneel the Dragon, Natsu is resistant to fire and can also use fire in his attacks. He can eat food to gain more energy and can be assisted by his cat friend, Happy.  SSB FairyTailFairy Tail
Blake Belladonna Blake Belladona A faunus girl and former member of the White Fan, she is a very stealthy fighter. She wields the Gambol Shroud, a whip-like blade weapon which she uses to fight.  RWBYsymbolRWBY
Sayaka2 Sayaka Miki One of Madoka's close friends, Sayaka is a magical girl who uses water based attacks to fight.


Madoka Magica

Sonic SB Sonic the Hedgehog An adventurous hedgehog whose speed is only outmatched by his attitude, Sonic relies more on speed to fight, and uses wisps and shields to fight. 

SSB Sonic Series

Sonic the Hedgehog

LinkHyruleWarriorsRender Link Despite being in his "Hyrule Warriors" getup, Link uses his classic moveset that most people remember him for: his Master Sword and Shield, bombs, a bow and arrows, etc. He also can use a Loftwing and Bombchus. 

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

The Legend of Zelda

MetalMarioMK7Solo Metal Mario Mario's metal counterpart, he can shoot metal fireballs and use a go-kart. He also can transform into Uranium Purple Quartz Gold Brown Diamond Mario, but this doesn't have any effect. 

SSB Mario Series

Super Mario Bros

122px-Sub-ZeroRender MKNine
Sub-Zero A ninja of the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero, also known as Kuai Liang, uses ice powers to do many things, such as create ice clones to trap opponents in, shoot ice balls, and even teleport through ice. 

Mortal kombat logo2

Mortal Kombat

MidnaHyruleWarriors Midna Midna is one of Link's companions who is a very quick and nimble fighter, using her hair and Wolf Link to fight.  SSB The Legend of Zelda SeriesThe Legend of Zelda
Lucy by TGNx
Lucy Heartfilia One of the newest members of the Fairy Tail wizard guild, Lucy is a Celestial Mage, summoning Celestial Spirits to fight as well as using a whip.  SSB FairyTailFairy Tail

Secret Characters


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