Fractures are individuals born on Aeo who possess a part of the deity Murtaa's soul. At any one time, there are three Fractures: the Fracture of Power, the Fracture of Knowledge, and the Fracture of Being. Many also believe there are other Fractures who do not have any of Murtaa's abilities, but other aspects of him such as his personality.

All of the recorded Fractures are Humans; it is unknown if the other sentient (or even non-sentient) races on Aeo are capable of being Fractures.

Types of Fractures

Fracture of Power

The Fracture of Power is someone who has inherited Murtaa's omnipotence, giving them absolute strength over Aeo. There have been relatively few Fractures of Power, due to one of them giving himself immortality and locking himself away to prevent the ability from being reincarnated into another who would use the power for evil.

Fracture of Knowledge

The Fracture of Knowledge is someone who has inherited Murtaa's omniscience, giving them absolute knowledge of everything on Aeo. This is the most well-known type of Fracture, as many Fractures of Knowledge have used the ability to make a large impact on Aeo; for example, the Oracle who used his power to construct the Temple of Murtaa.

Fracture of Being

The Fracture of Being is someone who has inherited Murtaa's omnipresence; this means that the Fracture of Being can witness and, if he chooses, interact with any event in any location (and at any time) on Aeo.

List of Fractures

Fractures of Power

  • Vitus: The last Fracture of Power, rather than abuse his power he helped the Oracle with the construction of the Temple of Murtaa. He then granted himself immortality and locked himself away deep within the Temple, to prevent himself from being killed or dying (so another Fracture of Power would not be born).

Fractures of Knowledge

  • Oracle: The Oracle (whose real name is unknown) used his omniscience to, with the assistance of Vitus, construct the Temple of Murtaa.
  • Sacrosa Solis

Fractures of Being

  • TBA

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