Fox McCloud
Fox has entered the orbit of Smash once more!
Symbol SSB Star Fox Series
Universe StarFox
Official Debut Star Fox (1993, SNES)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Landmaster
Home Stage Corneria Warzone
Tier Unknown

Fox McCloud is an anthropomorphic fox from the planet of Corneria, and is a leading pilot and combatant for Team Star Fox. He is one of the confirmed veterans from the Star Fox series, along with Falco Lombardi, a fellow member of the Star Fox team. Fox's design has been changed to match his design from Star Fox: Assault, as opposed to his design from Star Fox Command. Wolf, who previously appeared as a clone of Fox, is now an alternate costume.


Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Blaster -
  • Side Special: Fox Illusion -
  • Up Special: Fire Fox -
  • Down Special: Reflector -
  • Final Smash: Landmaster -

  • Neutral Special: Demon Launcher -
  • Side Special: Fox Flash -
  • Up Special: Twister Fox -
  • Down Special: Double Reflection -

  • Neutral Special: Plasma Cannon -
  • Side Special: Speed Limit -
  • Up Special: Airlift -
  • Down Special:

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