Fox McCloud



Full Name Fox McCloud
Current Age 29
Date of Birth 18 BLW
Gender Male
Species Fox
Location Corneria
Align good
Current Status Presumably Deceased
Family and Relations
Nikita Hayami (Love interset)
fox McCloud (alternate timeline counterpart)
James McCloud (Father)
Akari (Daugther)
Miwa (niece)
Ability/ies Not yet
Sexuality straight
Pup by
First Appearance Star Fox : Nightmare
Latest Appearance (Not yet)

Fox McCloud (or フォックス) is an anthropomorphic Fox, and the leader of the mercenary group known as Star Fox. Although he is sarcastic and slightly rude, he has a strong sense of justice, and is always there to help the Lylat System. He makes sure what is best for his crew, no matter what. Fox does have a soft side, as he holds romantic interest in Nikita Hayami, but keeps this to himself. He and Star Fox rival with the notorious Wolf O'Donnell, leader of Star Wolf but temporary sadly he was killed and sexual assaulted by Nikita's evil replica clone Azumi after his death Nikita wear her crystal necklace that fox give to her on her birthday and with refuses to never take it off as a remember him by.



Early life

Fox was raised by his father on Corneria, but he was born on Papetoon. He exhibited exceptional aerial skills even at a puerile age and joined the Cornerian Flight academy along with Slippy Toad as growing up he became friends and develop a romantic interest of Nikita Who has feelings for him for a very long time since they were kids how ever he noticed that her personality and behavior is change in different while azumi Who is inside of her subconscious mine who is possessed by a demon name Lita.

Later, outlandish activity would be reported emanating from the planet Venom, where five years antecedently General Pepper had exiled the delusional power-mad scientist, Andross who went against general pepper wishes. Under Pepper's instructions, James McCloud and his Star Fox team, flew to Venom to investigate, but he was betrayed by his fellow pilot Pigma and he along with Peppy were captured. Peppy soon managed to escape, but James was killed or almost killed by Andross.

As fox doesn't know if his father is alive for not he begins to take his father's place under a new management of Star Fox including Krystal the newest member on the team who Fox secretly had feelings for cost nikita to have a dislike of her.

Aparoid Invasion

Ass trying to get more investigation of the situation fox however noticed that nikita had completely disappear from the group and begins to search for her however she call her teammates and told fox she was OK but Andrew use her voice to impersonate her to trick box which fox didn't know that he sexual insulted her and sexual assault on her four hours while taking some of her DNA what she put a tracking device on her and to her teammates to find her location which she told Fox and her teammates what happened he became completely pissed about the insult /Sexual assault on her but was attacked by the notorious rival Wolf O'Donnell saying his favorite quote can't let you do that Starfox and demanding where was andross nephew at which as they fight wolf was save by the sex pot Azumi who is the evil replica version of Nikita which fox demand minute to get his revenge.


After so many battles Fox notice that all his friends had been killed and slaughtered by azumi and starfox Nikita became very afraid of losing Fox as well he tells her that he will return tell him not to worry and becomes very calm that he will come back in one piece however he was kidnapped by wolf fox wake up into a mysterious place demanding wolf asking him where was that ape some of a bitch nephew of his as wolf punches him begain to sexual touch fox in so manny wrong places which azumi had watch and join him which the 2 physical sexual rape and tortured him almost half to death.

As days went by Nikita becomes very concerned about Fox safety until she gets a distress call from fox (while azumi disguise herself as him an impersonation of him) to find his location which she however agree happily that fox was okay as she made it to the place there was a bloody note says find me as soon as she opens the room door she becomes emotionally shocked that fox has abused and beaten She begins to take the roots down to see if he still breathing however he was still alive but in his last moments telling her to make sure not to give up and get revenge on those two bastards and kiss her and was happy to tell her that he got to see her one last time and die in her arms became heartbroken and has been taking everything away from her including her friends and the guy that she loved cause her to go into rage and swore revenge for killing all her friends.

his legacy

After losing the one guy that she loved so much she buried him where the safest place that she could go to for his memorial General Peppy was very shocking to find out that fox was killed as well gave him a funeral to remember him by at the same time she wore her crystal necklace to remember him by and refused to take it off.


fox is kind and cares very much about his Team fox can be ruthless and sometimes rude however he cares very much about his team he shows romantic feelings to Nikita fox follows his Father's Footsteps after his father was double and double cross by Pigma however he becomes very angry at wolf teammate for sexual harassing her which he doesn't want anything happen to his teammates.



  • Fox death is very much or similar like future Gohan from Future Trunks timeline when future 17 and 18 killed him which Future Trunks found Future Gohan's lifeless body on the ground which cost trucks to go into physical rage to avenge his friend's death as killing future 18 before killing 18 he gave her his final words before killing her was this is for Gohan.
  • fox death can be very much like human Danny from Dan timeline When Future that he had cheated on the test in which the results of his friend's death and family and teacher as well which results was forced to live with his arch enemy and asked him to remove his human emotions which separating Danny Phantom as well but things did not Went A-Courtin as planned as Danny Phantom went ballistic and beserk and separating vlad evil goes half as well.

But however when his ghostly evil have mixed in with Danny's good half that sadly vlad evil ghost half over Doom Danny's good have which results of destroying the goodness in the boy creating two ghost Infuse and combined as one created the most powerful evil ghost on the planet when past Danny fenton/Phantom ask what happened to his future time line self to future vlad sadly he could not tell Danny when he said some things my boy are better left unsaid which dark Danny who is now AKA Dan his first move of homicidal psychopath Maniac was killed his human half and Destroy his arch-enemy Mansion leaving 10 years of Destruction between the ghost Zone and earth.


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