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Fox McCloud
Fox fires into the fray!
Universe Star Fox
First Game SNES Star Fox
Recent Game U Star Fox
Availability Starter
Home Stage Lylat Cruise
Fox McCloud (shortened to Fox in-game) is a well known Nintendo character dating many years into the past. He is a humanoid fox who pilots a star-traveling Arwing in his journey to rid the Lylat system of evil. His appearance in Super Smash Bros. Supernova marks his fifth appearance in the series.


Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack- Left jab, right jab, rapid kick
  • Side Tilt- Fox kick
  • Up Tilt- Back kick
  • Down Tilt- Fox tail
  • Dash Attack- Running kick

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Arial- Flying kick
  • Forward Arial- Tornado kick
  • Backward Arial- Spin kick
  • Up Arial- McCloud flip
  • Down Arial- Air drill

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash- Butterfly kick
    • Variation 2- Roundhouse kick
    • Variation 3- Twist claw
  • Up Smash- Backflip kick
    • Variation 2- Double kick
    • Variation 3- Scissor kick
  • Down Smash- Split kick
    • Variation 2- Spinning split
    • Variation 3- Twin claw

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special- Blaster
    • Variation 2- Impact Blaster
    • Variation 3- Charge Blaster
  • Side Special- Fox Illusion
    • Variation 2- Fox Burst
    • Variation 3- Wolf Flash
  • Up Special- Fire Fox
    • Variation 2- Twisting Fox
    • Variation 3- Wind Wolf
  • Down Special- Reflector
    • Variation 2- Amplifying Reflector
    • Variation 3- Wolf Reflector
  • Final Smash- Landmaster
    • Variation 2- Fast Landmaster
    • Variation 3- Power Landmaster

Pummel & Throws

  • Pummel- Knee jab
  • Forward Throw- Elbow bash
  • Backward Throw- Skeet Blaster
  • Up Throw- Star Blaster
  • Down Throw- Floor Blaster


  • Idle- Bounces on his heels, occasionally brushing the side of his head or grabbing his gun
  • Taunt 1- Fox charges up fire whilst kneeling, calling out "Here I come!"
  • Taunt 2- Backs up and motions, saying "Come on!"
  • Taunt 3- Throws his blaster into the air with a spin, and catches it
  • Taunt 4- Performs three kicks while standing on his other foot
  • Ledge Attack- Sliding kick
  • Floor Attack- Twin kick



  • Default - White jacket, green pants
  • Red - Red jacket, purple pants
  • Blue - Blue jacket, green pants
  • Yellow - Yellow jacket, orange pants
  • Purple - Purple jacket, blue pants
  • Green - Green jacket, yellow pants
  • Orange - Orange jacket, red pants
  • Black - Black jacket, gray pants
  • Silver - Silver jacket and pants

Alternate - Wolf

  • Default - Appears as Wolf O'Donnell
  • Red - Red and purple costume
  • Blue - Blue and green costume
  • Yellow - Yellow and orange costume
  • Purple - Purple and blue costume
  • Green - Green and yellow costume
  • Orange - Orange and red costume
  • Black - Black and red costume
  • Silver - Silver and black costume

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