Speedy and strong, Fox was always one of the strongest characters in the game series. Will he be strong again? He is the second fastest character in the game and using his strong range and physic attacks he is an hard opponent. He is a Speedster character and his main element is Fire.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Blaster. Fox shoots with his blaster, which inflicts 2% of damage.

Side Special: Fox Illusion. Fox vanishes and his trail inflicts 3% of damage.

Up Special: Fire Fox. Fox charges his flames and then he boosts himself jumping over and inflicting 28% of damage.

Down Special: Reflector. Fox quickly uses his Reflector and, for a second, every hit will be reflected at double speed inflicting the damage x 1.1.

Final Smash: Arwing Cannons. Fox jumps into his airship: the Arwing. Then appears a cursor and it marks where the laser cannon will shot. Every shot inflicts 3% of damage.

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