Fox (SSBD)
Symbol Zz-smashbros-icon- (18)
Universe Star Fox
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Dispute
Official Debut Star Fox
Availability Default
Final Smash Landmaster
Home Stage The Aquas
Lylat Cruise
Tier G [72]

Fox McCloud (or フォックス) is an anthropomorphic Fox, and the leader of the mercenary group known as Star Fox. Although he is sarcastic and slightly rude, he has a strong sense of justice, and is always there to help the Lylat System. He makes sure what is best for his crew, no matter what. Fox does have a soft side, as he holds romantic interest in Krystal, but keeps this to himself. He and Star Fox rival with the notorious Wolf O'Donnell, leader of Star Wolf.

Fox is ranked dead last on The Super Smash Bros. Dispute Tier List. in which he is in the G tier all by himself. This is a drastic drop from his 7TH out of 58. In every other Smash game, Fox were ranked top tier, making this game the first Smash game in which Fox is one of The Low Tier characters. Fox still retains his awesome mobility in his attacks, however everything, dashing speed, jump height, damage percentages, everything has been nerfed, and received absolutely no buffs. The projectile in his Blaster can now damage himself, which can cause 30% damage. His reflector is no longer an anti-camping move, making it harder for Fox. His approach options are very low as he is no longer one of the fastest characters in the game. His up smash is also no longer a KO move, and his combo game has been drastically nerfed as they don't have knockback. He also has a low air speed, an ineffective projectile in his Blaster, and numerous other flaws both on the ground and in the air prevent Fox from easily approaching enemies, and he struggles against almost all characters as a result of this. Alot of professional players say that Fox isn't good as he used to before, and has no setbacks either. Fox also has arguably the worst matchups in the entire game, with only one even matchup with Mario, and even that can Get disputable.

Changes From Smash 4

All Fox received were just nerfs in the transition from SSB4 to Dispute, and received no buffs which is why professional Smashers say that he is terrible. Fox's neutral game is less effective, with increased lag on his aerials and a weakened camping game due to the removal of auto-canceling on his Blaster. This means Fox can no longer safely bait as many bad approaches from his opponents. Additionally, some of his finishers (such as up smash and back aerial) have been weakened. He is lighter, and the changes to hitstun canceling makes him even easier to combo at low percentages and worsens his endurance. One of his most significant nerfs was to his Reflector, which can no longer allow him to stall in the air effectively due to its drastically increased ending lag, and can no longer semi-spike, making it much less effective overall.


  • Notice Due to the new visual aesthetics in SSB4, Fox's overall color scheme is brighter in comparison to his appearance in Brawl. Additionally, his fur is of a higher visual quality than before, much like Template:SSB4's and Template:SSB4's, and his teeth are more pronounced than in previous installments.
  • Notice Fox's Blaster has a redesigned appearance and the lasers appear to have a lighter hue to them, being more magenta in color.


  • Nerf Fox dashes slower (2.184 → 1.5).
  • Nerf Fox's air speed is slower (0.93 → 0.77).
  • Nerf Fox falls slower (2.05 → 1.97)
  • Nerf Fox's gravity has decreased (0.19 → 0.50).
  • Nerf Fox's midair jump is shorter.
  • Nerf The changes to hitstun cancelling both help and hinder Fox. It allows him to perform combos much more effectively, but it also makes him easier to combo once given his decreased weight and increased falling speed.
  • Nerf Fox is lighter (79 → 67).
  • Nerf The introduction of rage has harmed Fox more than helping him: while his most powerful attacks get stronger at higher percentages, it tones down his combo ability while still making him more vulnerable to KO's.
  • Nerf The loss of meteor canceling seems to have crippled Fox the most out of the entire cast. This is due to his position of being the game's fastest faller, which when combined with his light weight, makes meteor smashes far more dangerous against him than any other character, as his falling speed makes it almost impossible to recover even at low to medium percentages.

Ground attacks

  • Nerf Neutral infinite now has a finisher, a mid-level roundhouse kick.
  • Nerf Up tilt, down tilt, and dash attack deal less damage
  • Nerf Forward smash deals 3% less damage (14% → 11%).
  • Nerf Forward smash's knockback decreased (9 base/70 growth → 17/90).
  • Nerf Up smash deals less damage (16% → 13%), has slightly decreased knockback growth (94 → 91), slightly less reach, and more ending lag. (IASA frame 56 → 60).
  • Nerf The removal of DACUS has worsened Fox's approach.
  • Nerf Down smash has less knockback (47 (base)/55 (growth) → 50/65), making it weaker overall.
  • Notice Down smash's charging animation changed.

Aerial attacks

  • Nerf Neutral, forward and down aerials have decreased landing lag (11 frames → 7 (neutral), 27 frames → 17 (forward), 25 frames → 17 (down)).
  • Nerf Forward aerial deals less damage (7% → 3%). Forward aerial gives a shorter "hover" effect than in Brawl. It has slightly increased start-up (6 → 7) and can no longer autocancel in a short-hop.
  • Nerf Forward aerial is harder to SDI out of and is easier to combo into. It can now send opponents at the autolink angle, which when combined with fast falling in the middle of the attack can lead into a footstool jump, potentially gimping characters with poor vertical recoveries such as Template:SSB4 and Template:SSB4.
  • Notice Back aerial now deals fixed damage (9%/15% → 13%) with increased knockback growth (85 → 88). This makes the move much more consistent in utility by removing its sourspot, though at the cost of a more powerful hitbox.
  • Nerf Down aerial's last hit no longer weakly meteor smashes with low set knockback, removing its utility against characters with poor vertical recoveries. It also deals less damage (21% → 11%).
  • Nerf Down aerial has a new landing hitbox that weakly sends opponents vertically in the air. It has high hitlag makes it benefit from frame cancelling, allowing it to link into his dash attack or up smash.

Throws/other attacks

  • Nerf The changes to hitstun canceling enables down throw to function better as a combo starter at low percentages.
  • Nerf Down throw deals 2% less damage (7% → 3%).

Special moves

  • Nerf In a similar vein to Template:SSBD, Blaster no longer auto-cancels upon landing and can only be fired twice from a short hop, weakening its utility. It also deals lesser damage 3% → 1%
  • Nerf Fox Illusion again leaves Fox helpless after the move is performed in the air, and can still only be used once in the air. Fox also no longer dashes over the edge when using it on the ground. It also has decreased landing lag when used from a short hop.
  • Nerf Fox Illusion deals less damage (4% → 3%), is one frame slower (frame 20 → 21) and can no longer be shortened, removing its mix-up potential. Aerial Fox Illusion has much less horizontal momentum at the end of the dash.
  • Nerf Fire Fox travels a lesser distance, as it rarely covers nearly as much distance as it did in the NTSC version of Melee. It also deals lesser damage 14% → 7%
  • Nerf Reflector deals 4% less damage (4% → 1%), has increased cooldown, and the removal of shine spikes weakens it edge-guarding ability.
  • Nerf Reflector no longer protects Fox from explosives when active, and leaves him vulnerable
  • Nerf Landmaster is weaker and its duration decreased.
  • Nerf Landmaster can no longer fire its cannon while airborne.
  • Notice Landmaster is now again dark blue instead of light blue.

Special Attacks

Special Move Title Description Damage
Neutral Special Blaster Fox fires a laser from his Blaster. The fastest projectile used by any character in the game, but it does not make opponents flinch, unlike in the previous game. It is mainly used from long range as short hop lasers or short hop double lasers to camp and bring up damage for an u-throw into uair combo or a u-smash. If used on the ground, there is ending lag. This attack has transcendent priority. 1%
Side Special Fox Illusion Fox dashes forward, leaving an afterimage behind him. A fairly quick but linear horizontal recovery move. Can be shortened at different distances by pressing the B button again on specific frames. 3%
Up Special Fire Fox Fox charges up in flames and blasts off in a direction, which can be controlled with the control stick. Unreliable as an attack due to the charge time. Can damage opponents during the charging. Less predictable than illusion given the ability to angle, but still a fairly linear recovery. Techniques such as mangling and sweetspotting give it potent mixups. Has next to no landing lag making it hard to punish on landing and is overall considered the best Recovery Up B in the game due to its distance and mixup potential. It was nerfed in the PAL version of melee however. 7%
Down Special Reflector Informally referred to as the Shine, it reflects any projectiles that hit it right back at the opponent who fired them for 1.5x damage and knockback. This move has low set knockback, but is an extremely useful semi-spike as it can drag opponents offstage while edgeguarding, to prevent them from recovering - it stuns them as well. Due to the set knockback, it has guaranteed followups on much of the cast at any percentage. The move can be jump cancelled to avoid the ending lag, allowing Fox to quickly jump up offstage (after using a spike, for example), and it also gives him access to the waveshine technique. Fox has invincibility on the first frame of the animation. Considered one of the best moves in the entire game and the best Down B in the game along with Falco's. 1%
Final Smash Landmaster Fox summons his Landmaster. It's overall the most balanced out of all The Arwing, & The Wolfen. It's only drawback being it's air mobility 6-22% (movement), 15-16% (turn), 17% (shot), 11% (roll), 15% (fall)


  • Up Taunt: Fox charges fire and says "Here I come!" (いくぞ, Let's go!). This taunt can be used for faking Fox's Up Special.
  • Side Taunt: Fox throws his Blaster into the air, then allows it to land back into its holster.
  • Down Taunt: Like in Melee, Fox backs up, bends down a bit, and says "Come on!" (かかってこい, Come at me!), although it seems faster.

Smash taunt: On The Aquas Or Lylat Cruise, Fox can summon various Star Fox Conversations by quickly tapping down on the Control Pad (for one frame). However this is similar to the Snake's codecs where he will instead talk about each individual fighter. This taunt can only be used once per match.

Tier Placement And History

As soon as Dispute released, many competitive players noticed many of Fox's drastic nerfs. They felt his nerfs were extremely too drastic that they felt he was defiantly in dead last. His nerfs were too terrible in fact that many competitive players consider Fox the joke character of the game. Fox has ranked dead last in every tier list, and won no tournaments ever. Since this, their are no competitive players that play Fox, and because of this, competitive players consider Fox unarguably the worst character in the game.



Speed: 1.5

Victory Theme

Star Fox Victory Theme Straight From Melee

Victory Animations

  • Swirls gun into holster and says, "Mission Complete!"; 作成資料。 which translates to "Data Gathered."
  • Looks at the top left of the screen and says "Mission Complete!"; 作成資料。 which translates to "Data Gathered."
  • Looks at both sides and says, "Mission Complete!"; これより感謝の。 which roughly translates to "It was unforgiving."
    • If the language is set to Japanese and Fox wins against Falco, he may say きにする, ファルコ。, which roughly translates to "Don't worry about it, Falco."