Fox (Foregone)
Full Name Fox
Current Age 1
Date of Birth 609FC
Gender Male
Species Fox
Slave to Fate
See Names section below
First Appearance Foregone
Latest Appearance Foregone

An unnamed fox is a companion in Foregone. His name is determined by the Slave to Fate upon first meeting him. The fox is the only companion who can accompany the Slave while he has another companion with him.



The fox is obtained as a companion through an unmarked quest, where the fox appears to the Slave when they visit one of the potential locations for the encounters, and after a week of in-game time has passed since the last encounter was triggered. Each encounter gives the Slave options to determine the traits the fox will have when he becomes a companion.

The first encounter determines the fox's name; the Slave can select which name they wish to give him from the available options (see Names below). If they have a companion with them at the time, they can also ask the companion to name the fox for them. Each companion has a unique name (or, in some cases, multiple unique names, with the chosen name determined by quest progress) which the fox cannot be given otherwise.

The second encounter determines whether the fox has an increased Movement: Stealth or Armour: Unarmoured skill, based on whether the Slave's Movement: Stealth skill or their highest Armour skill are higher, respectively. If the Slave passes an Animal Handling speech check, however, they can decide directly which option the fox chooses.

The third encounter determines whether the fox has an increased Weapon: Unarmed skill (which determines the damage of all his attacks, since he cannot equip weapons) or Movement: Running skill, based on whether the Slave's highest Weapon skill or Movement: Running skill is higher, respectively. As with the third encounter, the Slave can decide directly which option the fox chooses if they pass an Animal Handling speech check.

In the fourth and final encounter, the fox becomes available to the Slave as a companion. Although he remains a companion despite any faction relations, obtaining him as a companion does increase relations with the Kresthitan Empire and Fox Agents (unless the Slave already has a negative relation with them).


There are a number of names available to be given to the fox upon finding him. They are:

  • TBA

As well as that, the Slave can ask their current companion to name the fox for them. The names the companions will give are:

  • Alrarl (Lisica)
  • Roland (Lisica, if The Fox and the Grapes is completed in favour of the Kresthitan Empire)
  • Nemo (Nullius)
  • Yilan (Nathair)

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  • The fox's "quest" is partially inspired by the "Nothin' But a Hound Dog" quest in Fallout: New Vegas, where decisions made by the player determine the abilities given to an animal companion (the fox and Rex respectively).