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Fossil Fighters: Ultra (Fossil Fighters: Extreme in Australia and Europe and Ultra Fossil Diggers in Japan) is a video game for Nintendo 3DS developed by Red Entertainment and is the sequel to Fossil Fighters: Frontier. It is known to have over 200 Vivosaurs and have fusion and power stones, as well as hybrid element types. This game will be released on April 17 2018 worldwide to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the original Fossil Fighters game.



The story begins with the hero traveling to Vivosaur Island's sister island, Vivosaur Isle. The hero is asked by the pilot of the jet which Vivosaur is hero's favorite. The hero has a choice of the air type, Nitho (Sinornithosaurus), the water type, Dako (Dakosaurus), the fire type, Sauro (Saurophagonax), the earth type, Gigant (Gigantspinosaurus) and the lightning type, Monolo (Monolophosaurus). The pilot lands the jet on Vivosaur Island's runway and the hero walks out (The choice of favorite vivosaur affects the clothing of the hero). Before the hero can leave, the pilot of the jet walks out and gives the hero a fossil rock. (The fossil rock is the head of the hero's favorite chosen vivosaur.)

The hero is then greeted by the island's receptionists, Angela and Lilian. He introduces himself, and the receptionists call for Dr. Dino, the island's Vivosaur expert. However, it is proved that Dr. Dino has a lot of items on his agenda. He leaves for the Fossil Station, and Lilian directs the hero there. Inside, Dr. Dino is seen going into a room. The hero and Lilian follow and tell Dr. Dino that the hero is new to the island. Dr. Dino apologizes for not noticing and then sees that the hero has a fossil. Dr. Dino initiates a Cleaning Session and teaches the hero how to clean fossil rocks and helps the hero to clean the chosen vivosaur's head fossil. The chosen vivosaur (We're using Nitho as an example) is the player's first Vivosaur, and is kept. He then leads the hero to the Fighter Arena, where they do a few tests before being certified as a Level 1 Fighter. The Pilot, Drake, who brought the hero to the island, is the Certification Master and the hero must defeat him in order to become a certified Level 1 Fighter. The hero defeats Drake and is certified.

Chapter 1 - The Fossil Bandit

The hero receives access to the first Dig Site: Leafleaf Grasslands. The hero walks around the dig site and finds a young girl crying. The hero asks why she is crying, and she tells the hero that a bandit stole her medals. The hero looks around the dig site again, and finds the bandit. The hero confronts him, but he runs away. But the bandit sends one of his cronies after him and initiates a Fossil Battle. The crony loses and is caught by the police. The police ask the hero what happend and he tells the police the lengthy explanations. The police tell the hero and the girl that they'll be looking for the mastermind. The girl is sad that she still doesn't have her Dino Medals and the hero tells her that he'll get her Dino Medals back. The girl introduces herself and tells the hero her name is Jade. The hero introduces himself and then they set off looking around the dig site. A nearby civilian tells the hero and Jade that the bandit went to the Fighter Arena.

The hero enters a fossil battle with the culprit and defeats him, but he doesn't have Jade's Dino Medals. The bandit tells the police that he sold his Dino Medals to a man with a scarf and shades. The police go to the person and get Jade's Dino Medals back and Jade thanks the Police and the hero. Jade then remembers that level-up battles are coming and that the hero should get ready. The hero must battle a random person named Sydney, who just happens to be the Level 1 Master. The hero defeats Sydney in a fossil battle and becomes a level 2 fighter.

Chapter 2 - Problematic Pyramids

The hero receives access to the next dig site, Dusty Desert. When he gets there, he finds Jade, being attacked by wild Vivosaurs. The hero defeats the wild Vivosaurs and rescues Jade, who thanks the hero. Jade tells the hero that there are rumors about a pyramid hidden in the desert. Jade says that there is a powerful Vivosaur in there, and that it controls the desert. The hero and Jade go out to find the pyramid, and fall through quicksand to get there. Inside the pyramid, they find a lost explorer. He introduces himself as Sonny. Sonny says that he was doing experiments on the pyramid when the roof caved in. He says that he thought he heard someone fall in, but he wasn't sure. The hero and Jade help Sonny out of the pyramid, and then go back in. The heroes get to the center of the pyramid and find a dino medal on a stand by the supposed pharaoh's coffin.

But then, a guy with a scarf and shades walks into their view. Jade remembers that the Fossil Bandit said that he sold medals to a guy with a scarf and shades. Jade then gets mad real fast, and challenges the man in the scarf to a Fossil Battle, but she loses. The man in the scarf then grabs the dino medal from the stand and uses it in a fossil battle against the hero. The man in the scarf is defeated, and runs away with the dino medal. Upset that the lost the chance to get the dino medal, Jade and the hero slowly walk out of the pyramid. When they get back into town, the next level up battles are taking place. The hero enters the level up battle and battles the Level 2 Master, Sonny. The hero defeats Sonny and is certified as a Level 3 Fighter.

Chapter 3 - Underwater Jungle

The hero receives access to the next dig site, Vivosaur Reef. When the hero enters Vivosaur Reef, he sees the man with the scarf run into the reef. The hero follows him into the reef, but quickly gets lost. Then, a fossil fighter named Alex walks up to the hero. Alex and the hero talk for a while and quickly make friends. Alex tells the hero that there's a map to the reef, however, it has been hidden for a long time. The hero and Alex find the map and traverse the reef and find a castle at the end of the reef. The hero and Alex see the man with the scarf enter the castle, and they follow. Inside the castle, there is surprisingly air. Just then, a trio jumps in the way of the hero and Alex. They introduce themselves as the BB Bandits "reborn".

The leader tells Alex and the heroes their names, the leader, Violet, the lackey, Snively, and the dog, Tricks. Violet tells Snively to beat the hero in a fossil battle, but Snively loses. Tricks then battles the hero, but he loses. Violet is discouraged, and runs further into the castle. The hero and Alex reach the throne room, where the BB Bandit Trio and the man with the scarf are as well. The man with the scarf finds a dino medal on the throne, and goes to take it, when an army of Guardian Robot Vivosaurs come out from behind the pillars and battle all the people in the room. The guardian vivosaurs are defeated, and the man with the scarf grabs the medal and runs. The BB Bandit Trio also get away, and Alex and the hero go back into town. When they get back, they find that level-up battles are starting, so the hero enters it and fights another person before the Level 3 Master. The hero battles a fossil fighter named Ty Tull, then faces off against the Level 3 Master, Dr. Dino. The hero defeats Dr. Dino and is certified as a level 4 fighter.

Chapter 4 - Electric Storm

The hero receives access to the next dig site, Cloudtop Heights. At Cloudtop Heights, The hero and Jade go around digging, when they are startled by a scream. The hero and Jade rush to the scream and find a young teenage girl surrounded by wild vivosaurs. The hero and Jade defeat the wild vivosaurs and rescue the girl. The girl thanks them and tells them her name, Rosie. The hero goes back to clean his fossil rocks, but Jade and Rosie stay. Jade then throws Rosie to the ground and tells her that she saw her eyeing the hero. Jade then tells Rosie that the hero is her soulmate, and she won't let Rosie won't take the hero away from her. Rosie then gets up, fossil battles Jade, and wins. Rosie then replies with "Watch and see.". The hero returns at the same time that Jade leaves, and the hero and Rosie continue further into Cloudtop Heights.

Just then, Rosie and the hero fall through the floor and find a cave. The hero sees a dino medal on the cavern floor, and runs to grab it, when the man with the scarf lunges in and grabs it. The man with the scarf then decides that, since the hero always seems to find these medals, that he should give the hero his name. the man with the scarf says that his name is Jay, and that he challenges the hero to a fossil battle. Jay uses the dino medals that he got, which are actually specially evolved vivosaurs. The one from the pyramid is a pyrokinetically evolved Charchar, the one from the castle is a hydrokinetically evolved Mapo, and the one from the cave is a electrokinetically evolved Nitho. The hero wins and sends Jay packing, but Jay gets away with the dino medals. The hero and Rosie return from Cloudtop Heights and find that level-up battles are happening. The hero signs up and battles Rosie first. The hero beats Rosie, then goes on to battling the Level 4 Master, a man named Sensei Pat. The hero wins and is certified as a level 4 fighter.

Chapter 5 - Ninja Training

The hero receives access to the next dig site, Dojo Mountain. Sensei Pat finds the hero, Rosie, Alex and Jade, and tells them to follow him. When they get to their destination, they find themselves at the Dojo of the mountain. When Sensei Pat opens the door though, the BB Bandits nab him and retreat into the Dojo. The four freinds follow the Bandits into the Dojo. They stumble around through the Dojo, and their group slowly gets smaller and smaller. Soon, the hero was all alone in the Dojo. Then, Tricks turns the corner and finds the hero. Tricks battles the hero and loses. Tricks retreats into the dojo, but falls into a trapdoor trap.

The hero continues further into the dark and eerie Dojo, and runs into Snively. The hero battles Snively and wins, and Snively runs away and is thrown upstairs by a spring trap. The hero goes up to the next floor and finds Violet. The hero battles Violet and defeats her. Violet runs away and runs into the rest of the BB Bandits. Just then, the BB Bandits are thrown crashing through the Dojo wall, and fall out of the Dojo. Then, the person who did that, Captain BoneBeard comes out and battles the hero. The hero defeats Captain BoneBeard, who jumps out the hole in the wall. The hero rescues Sensei Pat and his friends, and Sensei Pat shows the four friends what the BB Bandits were guarding, a frozen legendary dino medal. Sensei Pat gives it to the hero and tells him to give it to Dr. Dino. The four friends return to town and find that level-up battles are starting.

The hero signs up for level up battles and battles a girl named Abby. The hero battles Abby and wins. Then the hero battles another person named Anastasia. The hero battles Anastasia and defeats her. The hero gets to the Level 5 Master, Ninja Master. Ninja Master says that he's a trainer for the Mountain Dojo, and he became a Level-Up Master to test what the fighters learned. The hero defeats Ninja Master and is certified as a level 5 fighter.

Chapter 6 - Scorching Doom

The hero receives access to the next dig site, Mt. Stormtop. Before the hero goes digging for fossils, he hands the frozen fossil to Dr. Dino. Dr. Dino un-freezes it and it turns out to be a legendary Cryo medal. Dr. Dino is astounded, and he says he wants to study it further, but he gives it to the hero to test out at Mt. Stormtop. The hero goes to Mt. Stormtop and finds that the path has been blocked off by magma. The hero returns to town and asks Dr. Dino if there's an alternate route up the mountain, and he says that there's a back passage that is accessible by going around behind the mountain, because there's a teleporter there.

The hero goes there, and he finds Rosie there too. The hero and Rosie go up the mountain and find Jay and another person mining down together. Just then, the floor collapses underneath Jay and the person, and they fall into an underground temple. The hero and Rosie carefully follow them in, and battle Jay. Jay is defeated and he retreats further into the temple. The hero and Rosie follow him, and find many corridors with statues of Vivosaurs along the walls. The hero and Rosie almost caught up to Jay, when three vivosaur statues broke apart and revealed three other vivosaurs. The hero defeats the vivosaurs and goes into the main room. Inside the main room, there are three pillars that hold three legendary vivosaurs.

However, those are snatched by the anonymous person, who then battles the hero. The hero wins, and the duo runs away. Then, a person comes out from behind a pillar and battles the hero. The hero wins, and the person runs away. The hero and Rosie run away, and return to town. When they return, they find that level-up battles starting and the hero signs up. The hero first battles a man named John and defeats him. The hero then battles a girl named Jackie, and wins. Finally, the hero gets to the Level 6 Master, the second person from the temple. The person tells the hero that his name is Joe, and he is an ambassador from the the four Caliostio Fossil Parks. The hero defeats Joe and is certified as a level 6 fighter.

Chapter 7 - Battle Royale

The hero receives access to the next dig site, Elemental Ridge. When the hero goes digging, he is stopped by Dr. Dino, who says that he wants to come with the hero to investigate some rumors about a legendary vivosaur. The hero and Dr. Dino go there, and see a sign saying "Elemental Ridge 7th Annual Fighting Tournament! Winner Recieves Legendary Vivosaur!" The hero and Dr. Dino walk over to the the Fossil Coliseum and the hero signs up. It turns out there are five rounds, and the hero's first opponent is Snively. The hero defeats Snively and then moves on to the next round.

The hero next battles Violet and defeats her. The hero then moves onto the next round against Tricks. The hero defeats Tricks and moves on to the next round against Alex. The hero defeats Alex and moves on to the final round. The hero is up against the person from the temple. The hero defeats the person and walks to the prize room. But when he gets there, he finds a Dinaurian stealing the vivosaur. The hero defeats the Dinaurian and gets the vivosaur. The hero then reports back to Dr. Dino and they return to town. When they return, they find that level-up battles are starting, and the hero signs up.

The hero first fights a guy named Grandpa George and defeats him. The hero then battles a girl named Ursula and defeats her. The hero returns from the fighting area, and is met by a Dinaurian. The hero battles the Dinaurian and defeats her. The hero lastly goes out to battle The Master, a man named Frank Richmond. The hero defeats Frank Richmond and is certified as a Master Fighter. The hero goes out to meet with his friends when he finds that the BB Bandits have taken over the town. Then, a BB Bandit comes up behind the hero and knocks him unconcious.

Chapter 8 - BB Takeover

The hero wakes up in a jail with Alex, Rosie and Jade. The hero walks around a bit and finds a crowbar hidden in the bed's mattress. The hero pries the bars open and the quartet escapes. They go to return to the Fossil Center, when they find all the staff, including Dr. Dino, tied up. The hero walks in with his friends following, but Jade sets off an alarm, and three BB Lackeys come in and find the four friends sneaking about. The hero defeats them, and they flee. The hero unties the staff and Dr. Dino and they tell the four friends that the BB Bandits have taken over the island, and they're using the Fighter Arena as a headquarters.

The hero goes over to the Fighter Arena and challenges the BB Leader to a battle. The leader comes and introduces himself as Spartacus. Spartacus challenges the hero to a fossil battle, but loses. Spartacus rages over the fact that he lost, and he grabs a blade to kill the hero when a laser is shot at the blade, causing Spartacus to drop it. Everyone looks up and sees three space ships meant to look like Gunash. Then, one member of each ship jumps down, and tells the BB Bandits, Spartacus, and the hero that they are the descendants of Gunash (in humanoid form). Spartacus picks up his blade again, this time going towards the descendants of Gunash, when one of the descendants forms an arm cannon out out of his arm, and fires at Spartacus' blade, causing it to fly out of the arena.

Now Spartacus is really ticked, and he grabs another blade, and throws it at a ship's engine, causing it to fall on top of the three descendants. The impact was so powerful that it destroyed half of the arena. However, the three descendants survived, and they took the BB Bandit Trio, Spartacus, and the hero on-board their ships. The two ships then drop bombs on all the buildings of the town. However, all the people are saved by the Dinaurian ship, currently being piloted by Duna. Spartacus then has an idea, and jumps off one of the descendants' ship, and lands safely on the Dinaurian ship. One of the descendants puts his ship on auto-pilot and he goes to challenge the hero to a fossil battle. The descendant loses, and the hero sees the descendants' name imprinted on the ship's cockpit, Gunnar. Just then, the other ship with the BB Bandit trio is shot by a laser fired by the Dinaurian ship, and it falls in Vivosaur Reef. The hero then jumps off Gunnar's ship, as it is shot, and the hero lands on the Dinaurian Ship. Gunnar's ship lands on a glacier in the middle of Vivosaur Reef.

The Dinaurian ship lands, and the BB Bandits and Spartacus are taken to the town jail, or at least what's left of it. The hero is then met by Jay and the anonymous person, who tells the hero that his name is Storm. Storm challenges the hero to a battle, and loses. Jay then challenges the hero to a battle, and he too loses. Then, Duna and Raptin come out of the ship, with their children, Dune and Randall (the dinaurians from the last chapter). Dune and Randall see the hero and walk over to him, going to get revenge on him for taking the other legendary vivosaur. Dune challenges the hero to a battle and loses. Randall then tackles the hero and steals the hero's legendary vivosaurs. Dune and Randall then run away to a dig site. That evening, since nobody has a house or hotel to stay in, everyone camps out in the Fossil Coliseum.

Chapter 9 - The More the Merrier

The hero wakes up, but when he does, he finds Dr. Dino standing beside him. Dr. Dino says that he needs the hero to search for the crashed ships and it's voyagers. The hero sets off immediately and he goes off to Vivosaur Reef. When he gets to the Sea Castle, he finds that it's been destroyed by the first ship crashing into it. The hero walks inside, and finds Tricks and Snively unconcious, and Violet trying to wake them up. Violet then sees the hero and battles him. Violet loses, and decides to ask for help carrying Tricks and Snively back to the destroyed town. When they get back, they find most of the houses and buildings rebuilt. The hero and Violet are astonished, but then they see who's in charge of the operation, Duna, Raptin and Dynal. The hero and Violet go to the hospital and drop off Snively and Tricks.

Then, the ground shakes and a giant purple crystal emerges from the ground. All the dinaurians stare at the crystal in astonishment. Soon, the entire crowd knew what it was -- Gunash's Core. Then, a loud explosion was heard, and the entire almost rebuilt city was covered in smoke. When the smoke cleared, the hero could see a BB Bandit ship carrying the crystal to a small island. The hero is sent to go after it, and he does. When he gets there, he sees the BB Bandit ship, and he goes inside. Inside the ship, the hero finds many caged vivosaurs, and a journal with the name 'Spartacus' on the front. The hero peeks inside, and sees a interesting-looking paragraph: "July 14th, 2017 -- Today, the BB Bandits are using EMP to force Gunash's Core out of the earth. We're taking the crystal to an abandoned secret laboratory to do experiments on vivosaurs with. If our experiments are a success, then the vivosaurs will become 'Dark Vivosaurs', and harnessing their power will be enough to take over the world. Nations will fall, and the entire world will be at our dispense. Oh, it looks like we're at the laboratory."

Then, two BB Goons come with vivosaurs gone berserk, and when they see the hero, they sik 'em on the hero. The hero defeats the berserk vivosaurs, and then he chases after the cronies. The cronies lead him to the leader, Spartacus. Spartacus says he doesn't have time for this, and runs into the experiment room. Then, he throws the professor into the hero, and they start a fossil battle. The hero defeats the professor, and he retreats into the experiment room. But it turned out Spartacus didn't run the machine right, and it was counting down for self-vaporization. The goons and the hero run, but the professor and Spartacus stay. Soon, the timer started counting don from a minute, and the professor stays, but Spartacus stays.

Then, the entire island blows up like a giant nuclear explosion. But it's not over yet. A giant vivosaur emerges from the explosion. It turns out to be Spartacus, and the tyrannical tyrant is about to eat Vivosaur Isle, when three tiny dino medals bop him on the nose. The vivosaurs emerge, and battle Spartacus. Spartacus is defeated, and blows up. His body, however, lands conveniently on a prison bed in the prison. All is well now, or so it seems. A giant space ship dripping with lava flies overtop of Vivosaur Isle. One of the aliens' voices is cast down, and they say they are the enemies of Gunash. Everyone thinks they're here to save them from Gunash's Descendants, but they are wrong. The aliens think that Gunash's Descendants have taken over the island, and they have come to destroy all that Gunash's Descendants conquer.

Chapter 10 - The Chase is On!









  • Grey signifies a Level Master
  • Yellow signifies a Pre-Level Master
  • White signifies a normal Boss
Person Vivosaurs Location Chapter
Drake Spinax, S-Raptor, Shoni Fighter Arena Prologue
Bandit Crony Gigant, P-Raptor, Chelou Leafleaf Grasslands Chapter 1
Bandit Chelou, U-Raptor, Eocar Fighter Arena Chapter 1
Sydney Cryo, Isis, Joba Fighter Arena Chapter 1
Jay (1) Legendary Charchar, B-Raptor Vivosaur Pyramid Chapter 2
Sonny Sauro, Yango, Dakota Fighter Arena Chapter 2
Tricks (1) Deamono, Drako, Dravido Sea Castle Chapter 3
Snively (1) Fruita, Gobi, Biven Sea Castle Chapter 3
Guardian Vivosaurs Sino, Goji, Guaiba Sea Castle Chapter 3
Ty Tull Dako, Hespero, Spero Fighter Arena Chapter 3
Dr. Dino Huehue, Khaan, Kol Fighter Arena Chapter 3
Jay (2) Legendary Charchar, Legendary Mapo, Legendary Nitho Electric Caves Chapter 4
Rosie T-Rex, Gorgo, Siamo Fighter Arena Chapter 4
Sensei Pat Monolo, Majunga, Nuthet Fighter Arena Chapter 4
Tricks (2) Deamono, Drako, Orko Dojo Palace Chapter 5
Snively (2) Fruita, Gobi, Orintho Dojo Palace Chapter 5
Violet (1) Nyasa, Mingia, Noa Dojo Palace Chapter 5
Captain BoneBeard (1) Oz, Lythro, Parvic Dojo Palace Chapter 5
Abby Rapot, Torex, Nithoides Fighter Arena Chapter 5
Anastasia Seita, Shana, Vulcano Fighter Arena Chapter 5
Ninja Master Zupay, Xenotar, Yixano Fighter Arena Chapter 5
Jay (3) Zana, Legendary Nitho, Torvo Stormtop Temple Chapter 6
Storm (1) Tochi, Tano, Dakota Stormtop Temple Chapter 6
Joe (1) Ptera, Berto, P-Raptor Stormtop Temple Chapter 6
John Darwin, Dahalo, Zuni Fighter Arena Chapter 6
Jackie Zupay, Zephryo, Allo Fighter Arena Chapter 6
Joe (2) Ptera, Tricera, Berto Fighter Arena Chapter 6
Snively (3) Fruita, Jiango, Tyranno Fossil Coliseum Chapter 7
Tricks (3) Deamono, Lexo, Tsaag Fossil Coliseum Chapter 7
Violet (2) Nyasa, Chung, Paranth Fossil Coliseum Chapter 7
Alex Monolo, Mirag, Wuerho Fossil Coliseum Chapter 7
Storm (2) Tochi, Saichan, Dako Fossil Coliseum Chapter 7
Randall (1) Randall (Battle Mode), Dinomaton, Talos Fossil Coliseum (Prize Room) Chapter 7
Grandpa George E-Raptor, Ceras, Stauriko Fossil Arena Chapter 7
Ursula T-Rex, Spino, Saichan Fossil Arena Chapter 7
Dune (1) Dune (Battle Mode), Dinomaton, Conca Fossil Arena Chapter 7
Frank Richmond Nychus, Maia, Lambeo Fossil Arena Chapter 7
Spartacus Phodon, Scipion, Saltrio Fossil Arena Chapter 8
Gunnar Gunnar (Battle Mode), Crypto, Gun-Condor Gunnar's Ship Chapter 8
Storm (3) Legendary Concho, Legendary Stego, Tarbo Vivosaur Town Chapter 8
Jay (4) Legendary Nitho, Legendary Charchar, Camarilla Vivosaur Town Chapter 8
Dune (2) Dune (Battle Mode), Dinomaton, Bryono Vivosaur Town Chapter 8
Berserk Vivosaurs Round One: Mega, Lythro, Yutyra, Round Two: Beckles Bista, Zhucheng, Round Three: Appala, Dilo, Terato Secret Laboratory Chapter 9
Spartasaurus Spartasaurus Vivosaur Town Chapter 9



For a list of new vivosaurs, see here.






  • The BB Bandit Trio named themselves after the original trio: Vivian, Snivels and Rex.
  • The vivosaurs used in Drake's team is the creator's original vivosaur team from the original Fossil Fighters
  • All Spartacus' vivosaurs come from Italy, referencing the ancient Spartacus leading an uprising against the Roman Republic
  • The Dinaurian duo (Dune and Randall) are Duna and Raptin's children.

References to Other Games

  • Fossil Fighters: Rosie returns from this game, and her favorite element is still fire. The first dialogue says "The hero is traveling to Vivosaur Island's sister island, Vivosaur Isle", referencing Fossil Fighters' main location. Frank Richmond is Rosie's father, and Mr. Richmond's son, and he uses some of Rosie's old vivosaurs. All vivosaurs return from this game. Duna returns, along with Raptin and Dynal.
  • Fossil Fighters: Champions: The Level 6 Master, Joe, is most likely Joe Wildwest. Dr. Dino is most likely the hero from Fossil Fighters: Champions grown up. All vivosaurs (excluding super revived, Boney, Zombie, and other weird vivosaurs) return from this game.
  • Fossil Fighters: Frontier: Certain vivosaurs return from this game.




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