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Fossil Fighters: Ultra (Fossil Fighters: Extreme in Australia and Europe and Ultra Fossil Diggers in Japan) is a video game for Nintendo 3DS developed by Red Entertainment and is the sequel to Fossil Fighters: Frontier. It is known to have over 200 Vivosaurs, and re-uses the Super Revival from Fossil Fighters: Champions. The game will be released on April 17 2018 worldwide to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the original Fossil Fighters game.



The story begins with the hero traveling to Vivosaur Island. The hero is asked by the pilot of the jet which Vivosaur is hero's favorite. The hero has a choice of the air type, N-Raptor (Sinornithosaurus), the water type, Dako (Dakosaurus), the fire type, Sauro (Saurophagonax), the earth type, Gigant (Gigantspinosaurus) and the lightning type, Monolo (Monolophosaurus). The pilot lands the jet on Vivosaur Island's runway and the hero walks out (The choice of favorite vivosaur affects the clothing of the hero). Before the hero can leave, the pilot of the jet walks out and gives the hero a fossil rock. (The fossil rock is the head of the hero's favorite chosen vivosaur.)

The hero is then greeted by the island's receptionists, Angela and Lilian. He introduces himself, and the receptionists call for Dr. Dino, the island's Vivosaur expert. However, it is proved that Dr. Dino has a lot of items on his agenda. He leaves for the Fossil Station, and Lilian directs the hero there. Inside, Dr. Dino is seen going into a room. The hero and Lilian follow and tell Dr. Dino that the hero is new to the island. Dr. Dino apologizes for not noticing and then sees that the hero has a fossil. Dr. Dino initiates a Cleaning Session and teaches the hero how to clean fossil rocks and helps the hero to clean the chosen vivosaur's head fossil. The chosen vivosaur (We're using N-Raptor as an example) is the player's first Vivosaur, and is kept. He then leads the hero to the Fighter Arena, where they do a few tests before being certified as a Level 1 Fighter. The Pilot, Drake, who brought the hero to the island, is the Level 1 Master and the hero must defeat him in order to become a certified Level 1 Fighter. The hero defeats Drake and is certified.

Chapter 1 - The Fossil Bandit

The here receives access to the first Dig Site: Leafleaf Grasslands. The Leafleaf Grasslands Vivosaurs are: The Chosen Vivosaur, Stego, Tricera, Pachy, Spinax, Nychus and Megalo. The hero walks to the far end on the dig site and sees a person with a ski mask robbing a girl of her Dino Medals. The hero confronts him, but he runs away. But the bandit sends one of his cronies after him and initiates a Fossil Battle. The crony loses and is caught by the police. The police ask the hero what happend and he tells the police the lengthy explanation. The police tell the hero and the girl that they'll be looking for the mastermind. The girl is sad that she still doesn't have her Dino Medals and the hero tells her that he'll get her Dino Medals back. The girl introduces herself and tells the hero her name is Jade. The hero introduces himself and then the set off looking around the dig site. A nearby civilian tells the hero and Jade that the bandit went to the Fighter Arena.

The hero enters a fossil battle with the culprit and defeats him, but he doesn't have Jade's Dino Medals. The bandit tells the police that he sold his Dino Medals to a man with a scarf and shades. The police go to the person and get Jade's Dino Medals back and Jade thanks the Police and the hero. Jade then remembers that level-up battles are coming and that the hero should get ready. The hero must battle a random person named Sydney. The hero defeats Sydney in a fossil battle and becomes a level 2 fighter.

Chapter 2 - Vivosaurs by the Stream




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