For information about the Mega Man series character whose Japanese name is Forte, see Bass.

Forte Signature
Official artwork.
Gender Male
Species Painting Sprite
First Appearance Painterly (2013)
Latest Appearance Painterly: Signature Edition (2015)
Forte is the protagonist of the Painterly series. He is a Painting Sprite, along with his sister, Melody.


Forte has a short stature and is seen wearing only a shirt and pants, customary of all of Akaye's painting sprites. He also has blonde hair and pale skin. Forte is, put simply, the player's character, or the hero. However, in Painterly, he does not show personality until the end of the game, where he begins talking when confronted by Morsai and Kura.


Painterly and Painterly: Signature EditionEdit

In Painterly, Forte is the protagonist, working with Melody to help lighten the dark work of artist Adam Morsai. However, the two painting sprites anger the disturbed artist, and Forte must now work to save Melody from Morsai by fighting off legions of monsters in the painting worlds.

At the end of the game, Forte saves Melody from Morsai and the two sprites learn the truth behind Morsai and their own existence.



  • Forte and Melody both have musical names. Forte in music refers to a loud level of sound. This is referencing Forte's potential to become very powerful, realized at the end of Painterly.
  • In his official art for Painterly, Forte has one half of the Morsai Tower painting on his shirt. His sister, Melody, has the other half on her dress.
  • Forte's design includes the three chief colors of Painterly (blue, red, and yellow). Several Painterly characters also share these colors in common. These are also the primary colors of the color wheel, an artistic reference.

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