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Former Four



Former Four, the Bermuda Beast.
Full Name Former Four
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Former The Threat's Top 10 Member
Height 7'5
First Appearance Fantendo - Meltdown (first official appearance)

Former Four (also known as Four and Bermuda Beast) is a former member of The Threat's Top 10 that resides in The Bermuda Triangle. He makes his first appearance in Fantendo - Meltdown and is stated to be the mysterious leader behind the Bermuda Triangle's league of monsters.




Former Four is a sleek robot that has limbs that are thin and curved to help him reach speeds that seem impossible to match. He has red eyes and green gemstone on his head. He has three red claws on his hands. He also has purple smoke of some kind rising from his head that assists in creating illusions.

Powers and Abilities

Former Four is very fast and can speed over water. He is also capable of creating illusions.


Fantendo - Meltdown

Former Four appears in Meltdown as the main antagonist.

Fantendo - Misfits

Former Four appears in Misfits as one of the antagonists, though he doesn't do much until the end of Season 1.



Hates his guts after he had ruined his plan.

King Ash

Hates him, but not as much as he hates Aran.

The Threat

Still wants to serve her, although is unsure if she still even remembers him.