All of the Missions and Strongholds in Foreign Warfare.

Mission 1 - Welcome to Arcania

Mission Objective: Explore this mysterious island see what's ahead.

Cash Reward: $500

Experience Points: 10

Assistants: None

Missions 2 - United Camps

Mission Objective: Meet General Oliver Lopez and learn different moves that involves non-armed and armed combat.

Cash Reward: $600

Experience Points: 20

Assistants: General Oliver Lopez

Missions 3 - Battle at Sogala

Mission Objective: A large battle is currently ongoing at Sogala, help a group of soldiers as they plant a bomb onto one of the Independent's bases. Guard the soldiers from the Independent Forces soldiers.

Cash Reward: $1000

Experience Points: 48

Assistants: Group of Bombers

Mission 4 - Crisis at Fort Salgarus

Mission Objective: Large waves of ships from the Independent Forces are coming down to Fort Salgarus and are starting to destroy it. Defend the Fort by attacking the ships and other soldiers who are currently on foot inside of the fort.

Cash Reward: $1350

Experience Points: 88

Assistants: General Oliver Lopez, Two United Soldiers

Mission 5 - Revolution of Seyi Bay

Mission Objective: After the success of Seyi Bay, the Independent Forces have created Iron Naval Ships and have come to Seyi Bay for an all out attack. Control one of the ships used by the United Forces and fight off the ships.

Cash Reward: 2300

Experience Points: 130

Assistants: Three Members of the Ship

Stronghold 1 - San Ariki Hideout

Stronghold Objective: One of the Independent's hideouts has been discovered, infiltrate the hideout, eliminate all of the Independent Forces soldiers inside, and claim the hideout as apart of the United's.

Cash Reward: 2990

Experience Points: 187

Assistants: Angel Herrera

Mission 6 - The Battle at Totorane Hill

Mission Objective: A large battle is heard to be happening at Totorane Hill, ride a vehicle and get to the battle zone before the timer runs out, after the ride eliminate the large amounts of enemy soldiers attacking.

Cash Reward: 3653

Experience Points: 263

Assistants: General Oliver Lopez

Mission 7 - Massacre at Catasaqua Square

Mission Objective: The Independent Forces are is attacking the United Forces' capital, Catasaqua Square, fight off the enemy soldiers through many locations throughout the areas disabling C4s, but trouble started brewing as tanks start to appear, eliminate the tanks, fight off the first boss, General Hank Forehyde, and the mission is finally completed.

Cash Reward: 4983

Experience Points: 474

Boss: Independent Forces General, Hank Forehyde

Assistants: None

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