Foreign Warfare is a third-person shooter and action game for the PC. The game features Rico Morales who crash lands on an island he's never been to, as he then runs into trouble as a Civil War is currently taking place on the island. Rico has to fight in the war if he wants to escape and come back to his home in America, Rico takes the side named "The United" as they try to get "The Independent" from becoming their own nation and have them come back to the United.

The game is open world as Rico can explore many parts of the island and can even explore the Independent's side of the island. Throughout the game, the player can upgrade Rico's weapons or buy weapons for him, as they gain money from doing missions/strongholds, sidequests, and activties. Foreign Warfare is Rated M for Mature and will have a worldwide release of November 14, 2014.





Name Description
Rico Morales Rico Morales is a 21 year old Male from California as he crash lands on a mysterious island after his plane broke down after he returned from a vacation. Rico joins the United Force as he tries to battle through the Civil War and tries to go back home. Along the way, Rico meets new allies who will help him on his journey.
General Oliver Lopez General Oliver Lopez is a war veteran as he serves as one of the Generals for the United Force. Oliver helps Rico along the way as he teaches him many tips and secrets on how to go through battle during a war. He also contains a mysterious secret that no one knows about except for his wife who passed away after being murdered in a hostage situation.
Angel Herrera Angel Herrera is an 19 year old Male who is apart of the Union Force and is Rico's guide around the island where he teaches him it's cultures and traditions. Rico also takes Angel under his wing as he shows him as well on how it is like to be in battle during a war.
Sonja Leddermen

Sonja Ledderman is a 20 year old Female who was held hostage by the Independent Forces. After being rescued, she assists the Union Forces by informing information about the Independent as much as she can. She's also skilled when it comes to technology as she has a skill at hacking as well.

General Roy M. Fleming

Roy M. Fleming is another general of the United Forces and is a veteran as he and Oliver have fought in past wars together. General Roy's speciality is flight as he assits Rico on missions which involve flight.








You can view all of the Missions and Strongholds of the game, here.



Image Name Description
M1911 pistol M1911 Pistol The most standard Pistol and Rico's first weapon in the game. It's long range shots can be very helpful for shooting down enemies at far distances.
Akdal Ghost Akdal Ghost The Adkal Ghost is another pistol which is pretty balanced like the M1911. The Adkal Ghost doesn't have a long range compared to the M1911, but is useful for knocking down enemies off of high structures.
Arcus 94 Pistol 1 Arcus 94 The Arcus 94 is a pistol which has a knockback to it sending enemies flying a few feet away. The Arcus 94 can be used to defend against a large horde of enemy soldiers.
Bersa-83 Bersa 83 The Bers 83 is a small pistol which doesn't store a lot of ammo, but has a longer range than the M1911. The Bersa 83 can be used to damage enemies at far sights.
Criminologygunglock Glock The Glock isn't the most powerful pistol, but it stores the most ammo which can be useful for defeating a large amount of enemies.
Mag95 Mag-95 The Mag-95 is a pistol which has the fastest bullets, and an average ammo storage. The fast ammo speed can be used to damage enemy soldiers coming at Rico.
Frommer Stop Frommer Stop The Frommer Stop is a pistol which does the most damage than any other pistol, but doesn't have a lot of ammo compared to others. The Frommer Stop is useful for fighting more powerful enemies.
Walther P99 Walther P99 The Walther P99 is a small pistol that doesn't do much damage when shooting an enemy from a far distance, but still causes a lot to an enemy when one's closer.




Image Name Description
Armscor Model 30 Armscor Model 30 The Armscor Model 30 is a shotgun that deals damage to enemies more than any other shotgun. The weapon is great for dealing with large groups of enemies.






Image Name Description
Metal baseball Baseball Bat The Baseball Bat is an average melee weapon and doesn't do a lot of damage, but is useful when figting off a group of enemies.
Tennis racket Tennis Racket The Tennis Racket is a melee weapon which does a bit more damage than the Bat which is useful when fighting off more powerful enemies.
Butcher knife Butcher Knife The Butcher Knife is a weapon that can not only be used to slash enemies, but can also be thrown. When the Butcher Knife is thrown, it does more damage than it does when it's slashed against an enemy. A couple of seconds after the knife is thrown, it will come back in Rico's possession.
Beer bottle Beer Bottle The Beer Bottle explains itself. When the Beer Bottle is stuck against a structure or a enviormental structure, the bottle which break and will do more damage than it's normal counterpart.
Guitar2 Guitar The Guitar is basically just an old guitar. The Guitar does a lot of damage to enemies, and is more useful to fight off more protective enemies.
Axe Axe The Axe perfectly explains itself. It does the same amount of damage as the Guitar and is more useful for knocking down doors when inside buildings and houses, or entering them.
Tomahawk Tomahawk The Tomahawk is another throwable weapon and works the same way as the Butcher Knife does, except the Tomahawk deals a lot more damage than the Butcher Knife does.
Chainsaw Chainsaw The Chainsaw is the most poweful weapon in the game as it can cut up enemies in just one hit.
Sawtool Saw The Saw is a small weapon which deals average damage to enemies.
Fryingpan Frying Pan The Frying Pan is a weapon which deals the same damage as the Tennis Racket.
Katana Katana The Machete is a weapon that does a large amount of damage to enemies, and can also decapitate their heads
Crowbar Crowbar The Crowbar is a weapon which deals not a lot of damage to enemies, but a medium amount to them.



These items are bought through stores.

Image Name Description
Baconator Bacon Cheeseburger A simple Bacon Cheeseburger. Increases health when eaten and strengths weapons for a limited amount of time.
WienerschnitzelChiliDog Chilli Dog When eaten, the Chilli Dog increases health.
CornDog Corn Dog Like the Bacon Cheeseburger and Chilli Dog, health increases when eaten.
Fried-Chicken-Leg Fried Chicken Health increases when consumed.



Radio Stations

HitSongs 191.2

Team Fortress 2 Promotion


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