Foregone 2 is the sequel to Foregone, and the last game in The Aeo Composition chronologically. It is an action role-playing game for the Novaya, which also features cooperative multiplayer (a feature not present in the previous game).


In the year 1000FC on Aeo, reports are heard that the Fox Emperor is dying. Old legends begin to resurface of Ektaz returning 2000 years after he was banished by Alrarl, in the current year.

A group of four individuals who arrive in Kresthita via boat are contacted by the Fox Agents, who request for them to track down the three Fractures; the Fracture of Knowledge, whose location is unknown since the last known Fracture Sacrosa Solis was killed, the Fracture of Being who by definition can only be found when they want to be, and the Fracture of Power, Vitus, who sealed himself within the Temple of Murtaa to prevent his powers being misused.



Foregone 2 drastically reduces the number of skills in the game compared to the first game. However, many of the removed skills have either been merged with others or changed to be Specs of larger, "umbrella" skills.

During character creation, each character has sixteen Spec points to buy Specs for their skills. Each skill (which has Specs available) has a different cost to buy a Spec in it; when a Spec is purchased, skill uses related to that Spec will gain more effects from skill increases, earn more experience for the skill, and unlock related perks upon leveling up.

Name Available Specs Spec Cost Description
Melee Weapons (Light) Unarmed, Claws, Swords, Shortswords, Daggers, Hammers, Maces, Axes, Staves 2 Damage dealt with light melee weapons.
Melee Weapons (Heavy) Greatswords, Greathammers, Greataxes, Spears, Halberds 2 Damage dealt with all heavy melee weapons.
Magic Magic Schools (see Spells), Enchanting 3 Availability and effectiveness of magic spells.
Armour Light, Medium, Heavy, Unarmoured 3 Damage absorbed by all armour.
Speech Diplomacy, Bluff, Charm, Intimidation, Insight, Barter 2 Success rate and availability of speech checks with characters.





Traits are Perks which are selected during initial character creation. There are both positive and negative traits, which cost and give points respectively. A character must end with either zero or a positive amount of points, but start with 5 points available.

Level Perks

Reward Perks







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