Alternative Ending of FORBIDDEN IMPERIAL:

[Theme that plays: ]

{Blazer's Mansion, Blazer's Room, 2:05PM}

Blazer enters his room, looking around its as empty as he is inside.

"..I never..meant to...hurt so...many people..I'm so sorry for everyone I've hurt.." Said Blazer to himself as tears rushed out of his eyes.

He falls onto the floor crying hysterically, in pain to everything he has done.

"...I deserve to be dead..not Candice...I do." Said a sulking Blazer.

He gets up and goes to get a shoebox out of under his bed, he opens it and a gun is seen to be inside it.

"It..was forbidden...the imperial...was always forbidden to me..." Thought Blazer in his mind, as he sits on his bed he points the gun to his head, and shoots it. Blood is seen splattered all over the walls and the floor, he could no longer take the pain he felt inside.

We see the gun on the bed surrounded by Blazer's blood, and it all begins to fade to darkness.

{Alternative Ending, FIN}

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