For it is Destiny

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I awoke in pitch blackness. Was I dead? Is there an afterlife? Could I see Elena again?

Two figures appeared, one to my left, and one to my right. One was a humanoid figure, covered in this inky, flowing dark matter. Only his two glowing, alien-like yellow eyes shone through the cover of darkness. And the other, a beautiful woman dressed in white, glowing with the radiance of goodness.

Good and evil.

I was actually going to side with the evil one. What good was it that I continue to be good if I had nothing to live for? My live was over, might as well have some fun before it truly ends. But then I remembered something. Being turned into an evil being, of all things. I had sided with this force before. And it was not pleasant. Sure, I was the most powerful being in the world, but my sense of self, my control over me, was gone. I was at the bidding of evil.

And I hated it.

That's why I sided with good.

Something tells me I made the right choice.

Because, I woke up.

And I was reunited.

You can guess with who.

- - -

The boy sided with me. He chose lasting good over the short reign of evil. With this, he also changed the fate of the Fantendoverse.

I had the power to restore it.

Blocking out the influence of the Black God, I brought the sky back. The lands returned. And most of all...

All the characters, my people, were there.

Destiny was changed. This wasn't the end of this world...

This was the new beginning.

And it was all thanks to that boy.

That's why I restored a life missing from his world... :)

The End.

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