For it is Destiny

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She fell.

That was her point.

- - -

"I will not let the Fantendoverse die! It is not the time! You need to learn to be optimistic! We will have it grow again!"

The White Goddess can be so naive.

"I can't be optimistic! I AM THE RULER OF DARKNESS!!"

As I yelled those words, seas of darkness covered the landscape and drenched the sky as well. The White Goddess was the only light. It took some work, but, for it was destiny, I overpowered her as well.

The deed was done.

The Fantendoverse was gone.

- - -

I just ran.

I couldn't go home.

I couldn't turn back time.

She was dead.

And it was my fault for not seeing her point sooner.

I was too late.

And now...the world was dead to me.

Running and running only brought me more stress and sadness.

I had brought myself to a gas station.

For some reason it felt...familiar.

As I went inside, I blacked out.

Whatever cruel fate awaited me...

It couldn't be any worse than living in the world where Elena is gone.


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