For it is Destiny

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The darkness totally overcame me not even a minute after the memories faded away. No longer The Loyal, I was fully taken over by the Dark One himself, the Black God. Once representing my dark half, he sent my human half back to reality, to continue before I fell asleep in the gas station, and erased The Loyal from the Fantendoverse, leaving him and the White Goddess alone to fix things...

- - -

It took us a while, and we even had to stop for gas, but eventually we came up on our destination.

It was where we first met. I should've known. The Overhang, a large cliff that is basically the backdrop to our small town. I was sitting under the lone tree on the very top, and then a bit later she came to do the same. We clicked from there.

But, what significance could this play now, at this time? A cloudy, cold day that could not ever match the joy the summer sun's rays cast on that day we met...

I soon found out...

"What did you bring us out here for?" I nervously asked her. A cold wind blew.

" know how I've been feeling, and..." she stammered on. I had no idea what to expect her point to be...

- - -

It is time.

Time to end this.

"With my divine right as a half of this mighty world's holy power, I-"

White Goddess. She's here to stop me.

"No, Black! We will grow this place back up to what it was! You don't have to end it!"

I turned to her and shot forth my dark power. She resisted with her superior Shield of Light, defender of good...Shit, she won't ever give up!

"You know as well as I do we will never be able to restore this place! That fool, The Enemy, he tried to kill off his opposition and rule the land, and it ended up worse! But The Loyal was an abomination, a cold killer that Enemy managed to figure my power into, I had to wipe him out as well! Now there's no one; guess what, there will never be anyone anymore!"

She just...watched me preach to her. With all her heart she couldn't find it in her to try and fight me, she was too good for it. But no doubt, it would become a lot harder than this to achieve what I want...

"Let the Fantendoverse die!!"


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