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For it is Destiny - Chapter 4

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For it is Destiny

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I finally awoke, not in where I had blacked out, of course. The remaining heroes took me and chained me to a wall. Looking around, I saw I was merely restrained to a piece of the castle ruins, as they circled me so any attempt at escape would be thwarted by the nearest heroes.


"Awake, are you?" someone said from behind me.

"Don't taunt me, you worthless light-worshipping creature, whoever you are. Your precious power is gone, as long as the White Goddess still lies dormant in the heavens!" I answered, as I caught sight of that boy's corpse, the one with the red shirt, that I killed before. Immediately, I came up with a plan. My darkside half ignited with its fiery rage, fully alive once again.

No one noticed as I possessed the body. I had it walk towards the heroes, and, filled with my own power, rip through all of them. Within minutes, they all laid on the ground, mere vessels without their souls...

Suddenly, I felt pain. A lot of pain. But, it was weird...on my darkside, I felt nothing...only half of my body was going through this excruciating feeling.

My human half.

I screamed, coincidentally at the Tower of Sins, and even through my turmoil I saw blackness cover The Enemy and melt him to the ground. The storm continued to rage on, lightning bolts coming down from everywhere as if the sky wanted to rain electricity.

What was going on?! Could the only one left? In the Fantendoverse mainland, it seemed like it, but what about...the entire Fantendoverse? No, it's not possible. The White Goddess will come down. She has to, to stop whatever's causing this power to override everything...


The was overriding me! That's what was happening! My darkside half was replacing my human half!

I tried to fight it.

I really did.

I saw flashes of...this boy...while my human half slowly disappeared in the sea of darkness...

The first time he opened his eyes....

His first step, word, day of school...

His first...everything. Even his first know. It was as if as my human side disintegrated, some form of...memories returned...

I argument...him getting out of the house...

Taking a drive...


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