For it is Destiny

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"Well Unten...looking pretty helpless, eh?!" the being rhetorically questioned as he lifted me by the neck with his human hand. I immediately started choking, but I could not do a thing. My energy was rapidly drained out of me, as the being held his dark hand over me.

Soon, the "most violently" segment kicked in. The pain was too much, as my body was ripped apart by darkness, being converted into mere shadow to be used as fuel to this being's power...I felt myself dy-

- - -

I did it.

I killed him.

The blue Beorn.


He's dead.

Because of me...

Because of me!

I let the scraps of his unconverted flesh fall out of my hand, to the shaking ground. I had to get back to the tower, to report the news of my glorious success to my master, The Enemy. Traversing the path I followed to the castle, I made it to the foot of the tower.

And then...

I suddenly blacked out. It had never happened before. Like killing Unten...killing Unten and acquiring more energy made me fall to the ground at the bottom of the tower...

- - -

I had to get away.

I called up my girlfriend and asked if she wanted to take a drive with me. A long drive.

She said yes, and I immediately stormed out of the door to my house and went to pick her up. I had to get away from my family. They were particularly irritating all today than all other days I have been living with them. That's about 17 years of days. Yet today I just had to go away for a while.

I took a liking to drives when I first got my license...and then, after I started dating it was even better to take my girlfriend with me. She liked them too, though I could tell she didn't reap as many benefits of the stimulating calmness as I did.

When I picked her up, she actually suggested a place to go, rather than just aimlessly driving the roads of the city, as we usually did. Something to do.

Little did I know, it was the start of a much larger, more depressing endeavor...


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