Footloose is the sixth episode of Super Mario. It aired on 17th April, 2015. This episode features Kenny Loggings' song Footloose. This is the second episode in the series not to feature any of the Koopas.


Main focus

Regular appearance


Brighton wants to have fun and finds the Mushroom Kingdom too boring and finds Twila worthless and annoying, so he gets a bunch of people to follow him around as he wants to discover other kingdoms.

Peach opts in, but asks what they will be doing, which Brighton does not answer. Mario and Luigi are asked to join, in case something goes wrong. Rievoah says that she desperately wants to opt in and gets Toad too as well. Brighton also finds a Chain Chomp, unfrees him, and it joins him.

As the lot progress, they approach a giant mine cart with tracks going into a cave. Brighton says that they should go down it. Everybody, especially Chain Chomp like the idea except Peach, despite this, she gets on anyway. The lot then head into the cave and get covered in dust. Brighton admits he has no idea where they are going, and Luigi thinks they are going to die, but they exit the cave and end up in a garage.

In the garage, there appears to be a phone, which Toad picks up and calls Toadette, saying he might be back late tonight. Toadette says that is good, as she can spend more time alone with Toadokay. Chain Chomp makes one of the pumps explode and gets covered in petrol. Mario gets a hose to clean it off, but Brighton puts a towel over it, saying that he should keep an eye on the chomp.

The group climb up some steps and discover they are in a forest. Rievoah says that they should follow a dirt track and she runs off, causing the others to chase after her. They reach a dead end, however, and Toad falls into the ocean. The others also fall in when thunder strikes.

As they swim around, they nearly drown, but Brighton finds bubbles for everyone to go in and float about in. Some Cheep-Cheeps get interested in the bubbles and poke Luigi's, so everyone tries to swim away, out of the water and in a town where gambling is high.

Brighton says they should explore the area. After some exploring, however, he says the area seems familiar. It is a town called Faire Square. Peach claims that they have had a party here before, about ten years ago. As they are chatting, Twila appears and says that she has been following them. She says that a Goomba band are having a concert there and that they should watch it.

They are called The Goombins and say they recognise Brighton. Brighton denies knowing them, but they say that they met Brighton over 200 years ago, in the late 1700s. Apparently, The Goombins were cursed by a plague and some of their family were dying, but Brighton cured them with a wish to allow them to live forever. The plague ended around the early 1800s, but they want Brighton to go up stage and sing. He goes against it at first, but then he steps up to the stage and the camera freezes as he slowly opens his mouth.

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