Flynn 2
TaBooki's heroic but clumsy friend.
Full Name Flynn Acornwood
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Forest Maze
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
TaBooki, Theodor
Main Weapon(s) His propeller and fists
Ability/ies He can fly a bit using his propeller
First Appearance TaBooki: Growing Up
Latest Appearance Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam
Flynn is one of the main heroes in the TaBooki series. He first met TaBooki in the Forest Maze, where TaBooki saved him from a bunch of enemies. Flynn decided to join him on his quest to do something back for him. The two later became friends. Flynn can use his propeller to fly a bit, and he uses it often in stunts. He dreams to be the greatest stuntmen in the world, with a lot of audience supporting him. However, he is a bit clumsy and he often fails in stunts.


Flynn has brown fur and a golden tail. He wears short pants and a belt, as well as a red helmet with a propeller on it. He has big teeth, a black nose, a lighter brown belly and big, fox-like ears. Sometimes he wears white gloves and red/pink shoes.


Flynn is a very brave squirrel. He is strong but not very clever. He dreams to be the greatest stuntman in the world, and he practises a lot. Unfortunately, he is also a bit clumsy, and he often fails in his stunts, but he keeps trying. Despite that, he can also be very patient and sometimes sweet, but he mostly acts tough.

Interactions with Other Characters


Flynn and TaBooki are good friends. TaBooki once saved Flynn from a bunch of moles, and Flynn still has the feeling he hasn't done something back. However, TaBooki is very happy to have Flynn as a friend and admires him because Flynn joined him.


Flynn and Theodor have a more competive friendship. The two really like eachother as a friend, but often play little competitions to see who's best. Flynn sometimes makes jokes about Theodor, but he knows how far he can go. Flynn and Theodor appear as a duo in Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam.

Appearances in Games

TaBooki: Growing Up

Flynn makes his debut in the RPG game TaBooki: Growing Up. He is the most powerful hero, but has slow response. Flynn in the first one to unlock out of two. He lives in a large tree and has a weakness for acorns. His appearance is slightly different from his 3D appearance.

Fantendo Nightmare

Flynn reappears in Fantendo Nightmare. Not much is known yet...

Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam

Flynn reappears as a powerful QR character in Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam. His default partner is Theodor.