Flying Mario 2.0
Original Character(s) Mario
Achieved By Touching a Red Star or absorbing the power of the Crystal Stars and the Chaos Emeralds.
Main Element(s) Red-energy
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. Ultimate LuckyEmile edition
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros. Ultimate LuckyEmile edition
Main Ability/ies

Red-energy punch

throwing a red-energy ball

Red-energy Beam (Laser)

Red-Energy enlarging

Enlarged Red-energy Kamehameha

 Flying Mario 2.0, also known as Hyper Flying Mario, Hyper Mario, and Red-energy Mario, is Mario's Hyper form. He learnt from Red Luma how to use and manipulate Red-energy whilst in this form. In this form, he is as powerful as Hyper Sonic, if not alittle bit more powerful. 


Upon his first time entering this form, Mario is unaware of the Red-energy and believes he has just entered his Flying form. However, Red Luma tells Mario that he is much more powerful and that he now possess Red-energy, a very powerful source of power. Red-energy can power machines and can only be manipulated by Mario whilst in the form. It is unknown if anyone else can manipulate it, as the Red Star that powers Mario into the form was only used by him and Sonic. Sonic however transformed into Hyper Sonic with no additional features. It is speculated Luigi may have the same ability, or may posses Green-energy, with is similar to Red-energy, but weaker. However, this is pure speculation as Luigi has not yet entered this form.

Red Luma knowing about Red-energy, and the fact the Red Star is said to give one the power of the Red Lumas, may hint that they possess Red-energy and/or can manipulate it.

How to obtain

Mario has two ways of obtaining this form. The first is using the combined forces of the Crystal Stars and the Chaos Emeralds. The second way is the power of the Red Star. It is unknown if the Super Emerals can grant this ability, as the two ways to transform into Flying Mario 2.0 are the same ways for Sonic to transfrom into Hyper Sonic.


Mario uses the Crystal Stars to transform into Superstar Mario (due to Starlow being absent in the SMBU LEe series) to defeat Giga Bowser and Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic to deafeat Death Egg Robo mk. 2! Upon defeating the respectful bosses, Hyper Mode is unlocked. In Hyper Mode, Mario and Sonic find a very powerful threat. They can't defeat it Super Form, so they combine the powers of the Crystal Stars and Chaos Emeralds. Sonic becomes Hyper Sonic, while Mario becomes Flying Mario 2.0. He doesn't realise this however, believing he is just Flying Mario. Red Luma then tells Mario about Red-energy. Mario and Sonic the fight of the powerful creature and are victorious.

In Super Mario Bros. Ultimate LuckyEmile edition II, Metal Sonic absorbs the combined power of the Crystral Stars and Chaos Emeralds. Everyone flees the planet while Mario and Sonic search for the Red Star. They then absorb its power and Mario once again becomes Flying Mario 2.0 and defeats *CENSORED : SPOILERS*. 

It is not confirmed if Flying Mario will appear in any more games, but he is confirmed to be in LuckyEmile's fighting series (but it's not on Fantendo).


Mario gains many powers with this power-up. Here is a list of them:

Ability Description
Strength Mario's stats are increased
Flying Mario can fly

Red-Energy Punch

The red glow around Mario's fists increases his fist's power. The larger the area of the glow, the more powerful the puch is.
Red-energy ball A powerful energy ball shot in the same manner as a fireball or iceball
Red-energy beam A huge Red-energy laser is shot from his hands
Red-energy enlarging Mario can increase the size of a Red-energy ball to huge size and the through it. It is charged up in his raised hands.
Enlarged Red-energy Kamehameha Mario charges up a huge Red-energy ball, then absorbs the power and shoots the energy ball as a Kamehameha. It is very powerful.