Flying High Again is an autobiography of Crimson's presence on Fantendo. Unlike most autobiographies, information is recorded per month rather than per day.

November 2013

I was really bored that day, November 23. Hacking and shit didn't really do it for me anymore, and life was already shit as it was. I thought about making a fanon game and perhaps releasing it somewhere in the future. Eventually, something hit me involving Koopalings and I created Koopalings: Chaotic Adventure in Notepad. Right now it lays in bad shape but that was before I was...a good user, I guess.

I joined Fantendo on November 25, and published my game, with a bit of feedback from others and I was able to make the game better. Eventually, I met this guy named Nerdude360 (now LegendaryIce) and we developed a sequel to Chaotic Adventure, Koopalings Universe. I think no one besides him really liked me back in the day so he was really the only reason I was on Fantendo at that point.

December 2013

After a while of getting used to a new place, I created Koopompany, a company styled after those such as Zentech Studios and Shooting Star Studios. I created a whole bunch of shit, such as Larry Dash, that got...some good reviews, I think. Eventually I created a lot of really shitty remixes that seemed to interest a user that I eventually befriended. At one point I created Fantendo Grand Prix which was meant to be my ultimate project (but scrapped it).

I also created Fandro as an OC, and eventually General Scotch just for a character who could appear in Ham's Fantendo End project (which was scrapped). The OCs were really bad at first, but I managed to improve on them and they're decent characters now. But back then...the horror.

Aside from creations, I was being a huge douche on this, thinking I could become sysop for 2014 (HA HA HA VERY FUNNY) and I made a fool out of myself. Looking back over it, it's actually pretty damn hilarious. It didn't take me long to work things out with everyone, I managed to get along with most people...

January 2014

I became more active on the forums, which is a weird thing to do for the first part of the year I joined things like the Ban Game and the Christmas thing that Dark started. Speaking of that user, Dark and I got into an argument here and I nearly quit Fantendo by that point (lel). We managed to make up and uh...well I don't remember too well what happened but whatever, right?

I got a whole shitload of friends, not limited to White, Lumoshi, and Luke. They helped pull me through my disastrous first few months and I ended up staying at Fantendo permanently.

For projects? I made Bowie and started up his shitty franchise. Eventually, I created Teddy Bear Enterprises to support the BQ franchise (eventually revamping it into Fandraxonian Enterprises), and...erm like one person joined. I made most of my projects alone, making a few collabs, making some new friends?...

Overall January 2014 was much better than December 2013, and it gave me a good headstart to Fantendo...

February 2014

So White and a few others have really gotten me into Kirby more than I ever had before.  Thus, I created the Pop Star Clan, which I rebooted not too long ago really lol.  I made a shitton of Kirby games that I never worked on (see and feel the excitement!) like WaddleVenture and Rise of Dark Matter. I also created this and it became my final franchise for a while.

Not too much happened this month?...I remember getting hyped for the Koopalings in Mario Kart 8 SGY classic.

By this point the wiki...erm...befriended me?? I don't really know but I didn't seem to be hated much. I like to think so, anyway.

March 2014

I kicked off this month with a story about one of my nightmares, which was centered around Fantendo. I don't remember making many games...I did end up making Bowie dark and edgy. And for some reason I created Walukirby (more like, trash, geddit?).

This month wasn't particularly interesting but it seemed to be the beginning of a point where users rejoin (like Muffin) and users leave (like Tucker (in may though)).

April 2014

At the very beginning of this month, I was promoted to rollback via voting thread, then I became chat moderator near the end when I won Elise's trust. I didn't really deserve it, but I got it and I was happy I guess (damn you Jake for complaining about the number of mods at one point though).

I finished working on articles 24/7 in this month and became more of a comment type of guy...but I still worked on some stuff. This month wasn't really long or interesting, but this month I gained the trust of the community??

May 2014

I became the not so almighty Fandraxono from Fandro. This month was pretty sad, actually...I became more worried about myself and gained many fears of things, such as viruses. Tucker left the wiki and everyone became a bit more aggressive (at least imo).

I felt rather lonely this month, I really didn't feel as happy go lucky as I acted, I was pretty damn depressed inside and nearly left Fantendo. Yeah...

June 2014

I promised at some point in June that I would leave for a friend's place in another state and left eventually, eventually coming back with quite some interesting topics, like picking on others for picking on Phazon and predicting mega evolutions.

I also did some pointless shit here and there in June, like this and that. This month I attempted to feature General Scotch, but the nomination failed...oh well.

July 2014

I became my worst.  I became a dickbag, an awful user, you name it.  I began to swear like a true sailor, now using "fuck" a lot.  I think I lost a few friends, but gained them again in the future.  I don't really remember this month really well...but again, I was a dickbag.

I felt like I crushed my success with the community at this point and I fell down from flying high, only to fly high again later on.

August 2014

This month was the one where everything flipped.  I became a sailor.  I became one with Fantendo, and pledged my heart to it.  Negatives settled in, I changed a whole lot.  I stopped working on my games for the most part, and I became a completely different person.

At the end of the month, Marina, Elise and Arale were demoted, and the new administration settled in.  I was much more comfortable with Fantendo and stress was lifted from me.  I felt a new feel...I don't know this feel very well but...I felt just something!...I...felt...wrong and right.  Nothing can explain it.

September 2014


This month was pretty interesting. Lumoshi and Tenshi, later Arend, were promoted to crat, and they set up the admin elections. I won them alongside Muffin and Exo, and I celebrated for really no purpose lol. I began being a bit more sassy (I guess new power does that), No one really cared.

It was also this month that the almighty Claus didn't actually ship me with something, I actually gained a shipping without him lol. If you actually know me by this point, I don't think it's really worth announcing it to you guys.

This month, I was not interesting at all. I just...uh...just sat back and just chatted a lot. I did some administrative duties and that's like, it. RIP me.

October 2014

This month was when things really changed for me. I started making mature jokes, I brought one of my senpais to this wiki, and I became...well, something. I switched from Fandraxono to Crimson el Roserade (which is this account now actually).

I gained a whole shitload of friends again and I felt much more happy to be with you guys, and although plenty of depression settled in I had you guys and you guys make things all better, which is rather satisfying to be honest.

Crimson el Roserade became a thing along with Brawl of the Fandraxonians (my best game), and I was a bit more active with working on my games. You can say that this month was rather eventful for me?...

November 2014

This month I became 16!...I had a rather boring birthday but hey I got a happy bd from most of my friends. My wikiversary came too! Things were more depressing this month than every other month, however, as I learned of my dual surgery (but kept in secret for a while). I also accomplished my 20k edit goal.

Again, I worked mostly on Brawl of the Fandraxonians and for a while Crimson Arrows, before leaving to Florida to do a few things. I'd say this is the strong point of my time on Fantendo as I made a beast out of myself and got rid of the pain of being a man.

December 2014

This month is actually why I titled my autobiography "Flying High Again". Near the beginning, my wings fell off. I hit a period of extreme depression and I was really lonely inside it sucked out my insides and I was actually really tempted to actually leave Fantendo and Skype, but I didn't for some reason. With everything creating panics in my brain (such as surgeries), I went out of control irl and practically burst into tears.

But you guys were there for me.

You kept me stable.

I love you guys.

A really lame Christmas and New Year's Day for me, but at least I had it more interesting online than I did in real life... :P

January 2015

This month starts out with me having a small fight with Spark if I recall correctly, in the end I revealed I was being a moron.  Oh well.  This month had a piss poor start, with me just being extra grouchy and just shoving everyone out of my path.  I guess I had some fun but I digress.

I didn't really do anything but work on ideas in my head, such as rebooting Koopalings Universe and BowieQuest (which I eventually did in March).

February 2015

Safely one of my better months here.  I calmed down, I stopped worrying about surgery (for a while, anyway) and I tried to become more friendly to the other users.  I worked more on my games and stuff and I felt much happier being around people.  I think I got closer to people such as Marina, Kmm, Neon and Amy via Skype.  Speaking of the latter three, I joined the Dyaks group and they're some of the most awesome people I have ever met ever.

March 2015

A rather boring month with me being a jackass again, but nowhere as severe as I was in January.  I injured myself more often and was a lot more down on myself, attempting to drain the pain away by working on my games.  This month I nearly deleted everything I owned because everything I make practically sucks, but I didn't bother lol.

Elections for sysop and bureaucrat took place this month, in the end I somehow became a bureaucrat.  Thanks guys.  Uhh I'll try my hardest.

April 2015

A boring month where I was at my worst.  I was probably the most insulting this month out of any other.  I felt like a monster inside, but I at the least was stable due to other things that kept me (good) company.  I also rebooted Brawl of the Fandraxonians for the most part and was extremely down on myself.

This was probably the worst month I had all 2015.

May 2015

I demoted myself from bureaucrat because I was awful at handling the position and felt not up for it.  I basically left Fantendo - I mean I'm still here and working on a few of my projects but besides that not really.

June 2015

...I'm still here.  Just barely.  I am on the goal to finish a few of my projects, then get the hell out of here before I do something stupid.  Project planned for end week of E3.  Everything's in control.

...Screw the planned projects.  Also I'm back entirely for whatever reason...hello again.  I'll be working on things from time to time but don't expect much.  At least I'm active again!

July 2015


I don't really have much to say here.  Sure I have a few projects like Cheesy Assault that I will eventually work on but ehh for now I'm just gonna sit and relax.  My mom and stepfather put me through a lot of depressing moments but...whatever.


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