Flyflo is a fanon Mario enemy made by Fritez Co. possibly for a future Mario game.

A basic Flyflo
Rarity Uncommon
Alignment Bad
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown


Notable Members
King Flyflo

Attacks and Behavior

Red Flyfloes

Red Flyfloes simply fly around in wide horizontal figure 8 shape high in the area. They do this until Mario is in sight then they swoop down at Mario and come stright up. The only way to defeat Red Flyfloes are to ground-pound the exact moment when it touches the ground as its swooping and the wings and horn will fall of making it vaneruable to a jump. It can also be defeated by many other Power-Ups.

Green Flyfloes

Green Flyfloes fly around in vertical dimond shapes awating Mario and co. when Mario comes it shoots its horn and will continue flying in dimond shapes but low enough for Mario to jump on it before growing a new horn.

Blue Flyfloes

Unlike most flyfloes blue flyfloes have no horn but will fly up high following Mario and co. from up above. When it finds an enemy a Goomba for instance it will swoop down at the enemy and give it wings making it a Para-Goomba. As swooping down it can be jumped on.



  • It's name is portmanteu of the words "fly" and "float".

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