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Fly buttons are craft buttons with wings

Fly Buttons
A strange button that makes you fly...
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Object
First Appearance Super Mighty Mario Bros
Latest Appearance Super Mighty Mario Bros
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It is a craft button with wings. They come in many colors.


The power varies for your game. It can also be multiple of these:

  • Make You Fly
  • Transport you to sky secret
  • style is only usable by a certain character

Super Mighty Mario Bros.

Colors can be used for different items:

Red Buttons Make you able to fly for a short while

Blue Buttons Make you able to fly for the rest of the level

Green Buttons Makes you able to fly until you get hit by an enemy

Gray Buttons Transport you in the sky

Orange Buttons Thrown, stops when crashes at a wall or falls off, kills all enemies ran over

White Buttons Make you moonjump for a while

Warning: None of the fly buttons are found in castles or towers


  • Magic buttons were born after a dream...