Flurry of Fists
Developer(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Platform(s) PC, GBA, DS, SNES, Wii
Single Player
2 Player VS
Genre(s) 2D Fighter

Flurry of Fists, formerly known under the working title SoMUGENoa, was a M.U.G.E.N fighting game produced by Lunatic Entertainment. It was a follow-up to the company's first M.U.G.E.N fighting game, Dragon Ball Vengeful Fighters.

Despite considering the M.U.G.E.N editing to be far easier than creating his own fighting game from scratch, the game was eventually cancelled in January of 2013.

Character Roster

Character image Character name Franchise Origin Character description
Agrias Oaks Agrias Oaks Final Fantasy Tactics
Ai MUGEN Ai Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Despite her youthful appearance, Ai is a federal agent who helped stop the WAREZ Conglomerate from taking over the world; however her superiors had not figured just how far the WAREZ company had extended its tendrils, and her agency failed within the year. She now works as a more-or-less freelance agent. Her current mission has brought her to the Flurry of Fists tournament.
Alice Carroll Alice Carroll Rage of the Dragons
Amy Rose Amy Rose Sonic the Hedgehog
Ananzi Ananzi
(Viuda Negra)
The Black Heart
Anti-Venom Anti-Venom Marvel Comics
Archetype Earth Archetype Earth Melty Blood
Ashura the Hedgehog Ashura the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Baby Bonnie Hood Baby Bonnie Hood DarkStalkers
Bartman Bartman The Simpsons
Forte Bass Mega Man
Beast Beast Marvel Comics
Bender Bender Bending Rodriguez Futurama
Big the Cat Big the Cat Sonic the Hedgehog
Bishop Bishop Marvel Comics
Blaze the Cat Blaze the Cat Sonic the Hedgehog
King Bowser Koopa King Bowser Koopa Super Mario Bros.
Cable Cable Marvel Comics
Carnage Carnage
(Cletus Kasady)
Marvel Comics
Chaos-Zero Chaos-Zero Sonic the Hedgehog
Cloud Strife Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII
Colossus Colossus Marvel Comics
Cut Man Cut Man Mega Man
Dazzler Dazzler Marvel Comics
Deadpool MUGEN Deadpool Marvel Comics
Dr. Eggman Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog
Dr. Gero Dr. Gero Dragon Ball
White Queen White Queen
(Emma Frost)
Marvel Comics
Fang the Sniper Fang the Sniper Sonic the Hedgehog
Felicia Charred Felicia DarkStalkers
Gambit Gambit Marvel Comics
Garlic Jr Garlic Jr. Dragon Ball
Ghost Rider Ghost Rider Marvel Comics
Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuimya
Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku Vocaloids
Havok Havok Marvel Comics
He-Man He-Man Masters of the Universe
Hisui Hisui Melty Blood
Homer simpson Homer J. Simpson The Simpsons
Hsien-ko Hsien-ko DarkStalkers
Hugo Simpson Hugo Simpson Hugo Simpson
Hydro-Man Hydro-Man Marvel Comics
Ika Musume Ika Musume Squid Girl
Iron Man Iron Man Marvel Comics
Jedah Dohma Jedah Dohma DarkStalkers
Jill Valentine Jill Valentine Resident Evil
Jon Talbain Jon Talbain DarkStalkers
Juggernaut Juggernaut Marvel Comics
Kaede Hioh Kaede Hioh Vanguard Princess
Kang Kang The Simpsons
King K. Rool King K. Rool Donkey Kong Country
King Lion King Lion Savage Reign
Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles the Echidna Sonic the Hedgehog
Kung Fu Girl Kung Fu Girl M.U.G.E.N
Kung Fu Man Kung Fu Man M.U.G.E.N
Lex Luthor Lex Luthor DC Comics
Lilith Aensland Lilith Aensland DarkStalkers
Link77777777777777777 Link The Legend of Zelda
YLink Link The Legend of Zelda
Lord Raptor Lord Raptor DarkStalkers
Magnet Man Magnet Man Mega Man
Magneto Magneto Marvel Comics
Manic the Hedgehog Manic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Mario Mario Mario Mario Super Mario Bros.
Mauru Mauru Waku Waku 7
Yesman Mega Man Mega Man
Mega Man X Mega Man X Mega Man X
Metal Man Metal Man Mega Man
Mighty the Armadillo Mighty the Armadillo Sonic the Hedgehog
MissingNo MissingNo. Pokémon
Monk FFT Monk Final Fantasy Tactics
Morph Morph Marvel Comics
Morrigan stance idle Morrigan Aensland DarkStalkers
Mystique Mystique Marvel Comics
Nightcrawler Nightcrawler Marvel Comics
Petra Johanna Lagerkvist Petra Johanna Lagerkvist Arcana Heart 2
Pikaman Pikaman Pokémon/Super Smash Bros.
Vegeta Prince Vegeta Dragon Ball
Proto Man Proto Man Mega Man
Pyro Pyro Marvel Comics
Ray MUGEN Ray the Flying Squirrel Sonic the Hedgehog
Reptile MK2 Reptile (MKII variant) Mortal Kombat
Reptile MK3 Reptile (MKIII variant) Mortal Kombat
Roll Roll Mega Man
Rotom Rotom Pokémon
Sakura Kasugano Sakura Kasugano Street Fighter/Rival Schools
Sandman Sandman Marvel Comics
Scorpion Scorpion Marvel Comics
Scorpion Venom Scorpion Venom Marvel Comics
Scream Scream Marvel Comics
Sentinel Sentinel Marvel Comics
Shuma-Gorath Shuma-Gorath Marvel Comics
Silver Samurai Silver Samurai Marvel Comics
Skeletor Skeletor Masters of the Universe
SonicMH Stand Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Spawn Spawn Image Comics
Spider-Man Spider-Man Marvel Comics
Thor Thor Marvel Comics
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII
Venom Venom Marvel Comics
War Machine War Machine Marvel Comics
Wolvenom Wolvenom Marvel Comics
Wolverine Wolverine Marvel Comics
Wonder Man Wonder Man Marvel Comics
Yoko Littner Yoko Littner Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
150px Yukihime UNKNOWN
150px Zeeky H. Bomb The Demented Cartoon Movie