Fluffy Cuddles
Fluffy Cuddles
Full Name Fluffy Cuddles
Current Age 3
Gender Male
Species Fuzmanian Devil
Location Sunny Villa Island
Align Good
Current Status Active
Class Ally
Family and Relations
Makayla (Owner)
Mangoes, his owner Makayla
People scaring or threatening him
Main Weapon(s) His razor teeth
Ability/ies Turns savage for defense
First Appearance Skip and Sqak Eclipse
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Fluffy Cuddles is a recurring character in the Skip and Sqak Reboot Series. He is Makayla's adorable pet fuzmanian who loves her as much as Skip does. Even though he looks cute, he can turn into a savage beast when he feels angry or scared and attacks anyone upsetting him. He often attacks Skip when he gets savage (though he sometimes attacks others like Sqak and many villains).

He first appeared in Skip and Sqak Eclipse.



Fluffy appears as a playable character in segment levels where he digs deep underground to rescue critters trapped inside crystals. As a playable character, Fluffy can roll over enemies and glide across gaps with his long ears. Once the game is 100% completed, Fluffy can be playable throughout the entire game in the "Fluffy's Rampage" bonus feature off to rescue Makayla instead of Skip and Sqak.