Flower Stall
Flower Stall Title
The Title of the Game
Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiU
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Genre(s) Tycoon
Flower Stall is an upcoming Tycoon style game developed by Dark Flame Studios. It is a stand alone game with no sequels or relationships to previous games. The game in comparison to many others is simply based around the concept of tranquility, the player is a Flower Stall Tradesman who travels around visiting different locations to sell rare species of flowers, the main objective of the game is not truly directed as currency has no use and once the player reaches the final location there is no ending.

The game also uses the 8-Bit Colour Palette entirely hence its old-style appearance.


The player controls the the actions of the Stall Tradesman and will sell flowers to anyone who visits, the flower the player sells can affect the conversation the player has with the other character, the colours of the flowers affects the locations as the flowers begin to appear in the back ground and the flowers sold most are the ones that appear the most. The player also has a Bonsai Tree that they can tend to when there are no customers. The game heavily focuses on the actions of the player and depending on the outcome of the conversations differet customers will visit and make reference to a previous conversation or action the player had. Due to this large effect on the types of customers who appear there is an apparently infinite number of endings although it has been calculated that since there are 10 possible outcomes for each character and there are 25 character encounters at each location that there are 1.11x10^125 endings at this point in the game, though there are suspected to be more locations added later.


The player, an unknown tradesman sells Flowers in a fictional country without a name although it is suspected to be based in Asia due to the appearance of Cherry Blossom Trees part way through the game. The player has moved there to escape the busy life of urban living and finds themself more calm and peaceful, they intially stay in a small village and their Shop is situated on the other side of the main road running through the village. They later move to a dock, a mountainous landscape, a field out in the open and finally a Cherry Blossom Forest. The player brought a Bonsai Tree with them to keep it growing. The player's choices with the Bonsai Tree on whether or not to care for it affect its overall appearance.

The Flower Stall

Shop Stall

The Flower Stall's appearance

The player's shop stall is a rather elegantly designed stall and is mostly coated in blue although features red ropes that hold onto bells as well as smaller bells held onto Pink & Purple ropes above. The player also has under the stall several unknown plants that do not otherwise appear in the game although they are likely Pink & Yellow Flower Plants.


In the game there are 10 types of flowers (although one is actually a small tree) that are defined by their colour mainly. They each generally invoke different emotions from the customers.

Red Flowers

Red Flower

Red Flowers are the first listed flowers in the game and generally invoke deep emotions of past aggressions in customers although the player can calm the customers and help them pass off these angers. It is sometimes called the Double Faced Plant as it shows two sides of the customers.

Pink Flowers

Pink Flower

Pink Flowers are the second listed flowers in the game and generally invoke happiness and can make some customers dizzy, the player must be careful as the Pink Flowers can hurt some customers and make them feel unhappy. It is sometimes called the Drunkard's Plant due to the effects of the dizziness being said to mirror the effects of being drunk.

Magenta Flowers

Magenta Flower

Magenta Flowers the third listed flowers in the game and generally invoke new love and past love in the customers. The player will generally have to help customers who get the Magenta Flowers overcome some pain they felt in past love or help them with new love. It is sometimes called the Heart Plant due to it affecting love.

Orange Flowers

Orange Flower

Orange Flowers are the fourth listed flowers in the game and generally invoke Family Issues, the player will generally be asked questions about their past and their family by the customers or consult customers on their families. The plant is sometimes called the Binding Plant as it generally brings out the ties of family in people.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flowers are the fifth listed flowers in the game and generally invoke lies and truth in the holder often making them question their past about wrong doings they have done or about morality, often they will ask the player if something they did in the past was right or not to which the player can agree or disagree with them. The plant is sometimes called the Emptiness Plant as it makes people feel empty sometimes.

Aqua Flowers

Aqua Flower

Aqua Flowers are the sixth listed flowers in the game and generally invoke sorrow and pain for the holder often making them remember something that happened to them like death of a loved one or a tragic event. It often leads the player into a situation in which they must comfort the customer to continue on and not give up. It is called the Despair Plant sometimes due to these affects.

Blue Flowers

Blue Flower

Blue Flowers are the seventh listed flowers in the game and generally invoke tranquility or chaos depending on the holder. Those who are tranquil will act very kindly and almost seem like they are somewhere else while those who become chaotice often have to be calmed down and sometimes restrained. The plant is sometimes called the chance plant as it can make people act very differently.

White Flowers

White Flower

White Flowers are the eigth listed flowers in the game and generally invoke hope and contempt. The people who hold these flowers generally talk about good things that happened to them or good things to come and will encourage the player to continue with their work, however some people will go beyond contempt and into pride where they will gloat about how glorious their lives are. It is sometimes called the Shining Plant since it has bioluminscence and people who hold it seem to have a glowing aura about them.

Black Flowers

Black Flower

Black Flowers are the ninth listed flowers in the game and generally invoke hatred, depression or anxiety. The people who hold these flowers generally dislike the player for giving them it to which the player will try to sympathize with them, however they can also feel depresed recalling something unfortunate to happen to them lately as well as get anxious and afraid of bad things that may happen to them in the future. The Flowers are sometimes called the Abyss Plant as they normally only grow in dark places and make people feel like they've hit rock bottom.

Small Trees

Small Tree

The Small Trees, while not a flower are listed as a sellable item in the game. They are the most neutral of all the plants and do not invoke any emotions however if they are the main plant the player sells then the locations will not change at all and generally customers will not pay attention to the player. It is the only plant without a secondary name.

Emotion Icons

In the game a customer's emotions are shown by an Icon that appears on the top left of their speech bubbles, the icon's colour indicates the emotion of state of mind they are in and generally is associated with the plant the player gave the customer. There are 15 icons in the game, covering most colours except yellow.


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