The Flower Power Game are a series of games revolving around Princess Daisy. The series only has three games so far but a fourth game has recently been announced.


Flower Power 64

The first game in the series, it was for the Nintendo 64 and sold very few copies, it was very unpopular in the US but one of the most popular almost everywhere else.

Flower Power

The second game in the series, it was a remake of FP64, it followed the same basic plot with minor differences, eg. more characters, better graphics etc...

Flower Power 2: Original Intentions

The third game in the series, it now has two player mode and a completely different plot, this is the second apperance of the Time Mushroom.

Flower Power 3 (working title)

The fourth game of the series, nothing else is known of this game.


  • This series doesn't have a main logo, instead, the logo changes every game

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