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Flower Fields is the 1st world in New Super Mario Bros. Awesome. its a plains world with blue rocks bushes and trees.

The Boss is Iggy Koopa

Peacful Path

the first level its filled with Goombas and Red Bird has a new power

Tilting Troopa Tunnel

a cave level with Koopas Chargin chucks and cristals the Ice Flower is Interoud

Simple Sky

a sky level with shy guys and Paratroopas. At the end of the level Iggy's Castle can be seen

Iggy's Swingalong Castle

a castle level with chains, cogs, and waves of lava. The boss is Iggy Koopa who rides a King Chain Chomp. fire at the chomp to hit Iggy's Glass dome. reapeat that twice to go to the 2nd phase. King Chain Chomp will turn to a Clown Cart. When Iggy goes down Jump on him to get the key to World 2 [NOTE King Chain Chomp will lose his crown at the 2nd phase]

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