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Floro Sandapien
A Floro Sandapien
Species Origin Floro Sapien
First Appearance Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Notable Members
Floro Sapien's
The Sun Hurt Mario?
A Floro Sandapien to Mario, Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover

The Floro Sandapien is a stronger Sub Species of the Floro Sapien . They are adapted to live in the desert and can survive without water for a long time. though are not as reststant to heat as much as the Magma Plant's. They were only seen in one game as enemies, Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover.They Are the third Species of Floro Sapien next to Magma Plants and Frosted Weeds. They however were stronger and seen mostly in World 5. by throwing their heads at mario, Sometimes he would become Dizzy or confused,

Max HP- 20

Max Attack- 5

Max Defense- 2

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