Flora Flutter
Flora's in-game sprite
Full Name Flora Flutter
Species Flutter
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Clash of Chaos

Flora Flutter is a character who appears in Mario & Luigi: Clash of Chaos. She is one of the members of the Exploration Team. Flora is well-known for her giant size as a Flutter, and that her friendliness is as big as that she is herself. However she quickly worries about things going wrong, and thus panics when thinking of the future.


Like the other members of the Exploration Team, Flora has her own side-quest. When the Mario brothers complete her side-quest, they will receive a new Bros. Attack which is the Flutter Wings. Flora has been searching for a lost flower. The flower however only grows in Beanstalk Valley. The flower is located inside of a Big Beanie. Once defeated the brothers can retrieve the flower and give it to Flora, who thanks them and in return gives them the Flutter Wings.

Flutter Wings

When the Mario brothers use the Flutter Wings the screen follows them from behind. Mario holds the left wings and Luigi the right wing and they have to fly by pressing A (for Mario) and B (for Luigi). They have to fly through the gaps between two pipes without getting hit. Going through all gaps will result in a perfect hit, but once you hit one of them you will automatically crash into the opponent(s).


  • The Flutter Wings are based on Flappy Bird which in turn is based off the Mario games.