Flip the Frog, adventurer for life.
Full Name Frederick "Flip" The Frog
Current Age 15
Date of Birth November 15th, 1999
Gender Male
Species Frog
Location The Swamplands
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Keyboard/Agility
Ability/ies High-Jumping, Keyboard Playing
Vulnerable To Lava, Bullying, Dust, Losing his friends and trust
Height 5,6
Weight 114
Voice Actor(s)
Jason Ritter
First Appearance Flip The Frog
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Flip the Frog, or just Flip, is the main protagonist is the series, Flip the Frog. He is 15 years old and is, as his name states, a frog. He appears through-out his entire series, along with his friend, Francine, and his adoptive brother/friend, Cobby the Snake.

He and the rest of his friends will appear in their upcoming game series.


He is a regular frog with webbed hands and feet. His stomach and mouth are both yellow. He also wears a red backwards baseball cap, along with a backpack from his bear friend. His Halloween costume has him wearing a purple hat, and a skeleton-like outfit. He ditches the backpack and dons black eyes with red pupils.


He can jump very high, and use his webbed hands and feet to glide over things, such as a swamp or a giant alligator's back. Sometimes, he can pick up a broken baseball bat and swat enemies into the sky, never to return. He can also don a keyboard and distract enemies, then send them flying.


Flip is risk taking. Whether it be getting his girlfriend kidnapped or going to find treasure, Flip is full of energy and is always ready to go. No one can stop him when he's started a new adventure. He's also quite caring for his friends and family. He treats his friend, Cobby, as if he's a brother (since he is), and puts his life before Cobby's life.

However, he's not perfect. Despite his wonderful jumping ability, he's pretty weak in most physical activities. He also suffers from ADHD, making him very hyper, sometimes at the worst moments.

Theme Song

Kevin Macleod - Spazzmatica Polka 1 HOUR-001:02:26

Kevin Macleod - Spazzmatica Polka 1 HOUR-0


  • His birthday is the same day as his creator, Meme911 (tbc).
  • Despite some hints shown, it seems that Flip has no romantic feelings towards Francine. He's also shown interest in some males, but no real romantic feelings.
  • This has led fans to believe Flip is asexual and bisexual.
  • Flip's name is directly taken from the Ub Iwerks character with the same name.
  • Flip is an expert at playing dead.


Fantendo Grand Prix
Starter Characters
General Scotch · Scratch Kat · Data· Squav · Jack
Unlockable Characters
Scarlet Pensar · Bob the Blob · White · Rubber · Flip

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