200px-Flint Clay
Flint's artwork from Mother 3.
Full Name Flint
Current Age 40
Gender male
Location Tazmily Village
Family and Relations
He is the father of Claus and Lucas, Hinawas husband to

Flint is a character from the Earthbound series.


Flint is the father of Claus and Lucas, and husband to Hinawa. He lives in Tazmily Village where he makes a living as a sheep farmer. Flint wears a distinct cowboy outfit, and is never seen without his hat until the climax of Mother 3. He is described by the residents of Tazmily as both manly and reckless. He is also known to be violent in times of extreme anger or distress because when Bronson told Flint of Hinawa's death, and how she fell to fate, he reared back, and knocked Tessie (Mother 3 Character) away. Flint also took a piece of firewood from the fire and began to lash out. First, it was Abbot] that went down, then it was Ollie that tried to fight him, but Ollie was pushed, and went down. Bronson was almost Flint's next one to go down, but Lighter hit Flint on the head with his four by four. He then wakes up at the Tazmily Prison, one that was never used due to the rusted lock on the door. Had it not been for Claus, he would have been imprisoned because Claus had delivered a nail file, which allowed Flint to pick the lock and escape. Then, Flint had told Alec that Claus had been missing, so Alec sets out along with Flint to find Claus. Unfortunately, they encountered the Mecha-Drago with its tough hide that could only be pierced by the Drago Fang. Had it not been for Alec's words and the offspring of the Mecha-Drago, Flint would have taken the Drago's life because of feelings of revenge and anger.

Prior to the sudden transformation of Tazmily Village, the player only sees Flint during Chapter 4 at Hinawa's grave. After that, he is never seen again until Chapter 8. According to the residents of Tazmily, Flint has been searching for Claus for 3 years prior to Fassad's visit, and continues to until Chapter 8.