Flimby Flimby is a shy guy from Flimby: The Shy Guy Who Looks Like a Ghost, a spin-off of the Super Mario series and Sonic the Hedgehog.


His personality is an 1000 IQ than an average bear, He is inspired by Rayman, Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man and Mega Man mixed together.


  • Flimby: The Shy Guy Who Looks Like A Ghost
  • Flimby 2: Shy Guy Under The Sky
  • Flimby 3: Shy Guy World
  • Flimby 4: Saving Coop
  • Flimby 5: Legends
  • Flimby 6: The Revenge of Seekers
  • Flimby Racing
  • Flimby Racing 2
  • Flimby Racing 3
  • Flimby Racing 4
  • Flimby Racing 5
  • Flimby Racing 6
  • The Flimby Collection
  • The Flimby Collection 2
  • Flimby Pilot
  • Flimby Pilot 2
  • Flimby Pilot 3
  • Flimby Pilot 4
  • Flimby Pilot 5
  • Flimby Pilot 6
  • More to come TBA...
  • TBA...

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