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Flicker genesis
Flicker as she appears in Fantendo - Genesis.
Full Name "Flicker"
(Scott Robinson)
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status  ???
Class Hero
First Appearance Fantendo - Genesis (first official appearance)
Flicker is a character first appearing in Fantendo - Genesis. She is a living program similar to 3.14, although she came into existence another way. She is one of the antagonists in Fantendo - Genesis along with Six, although she is more of tragic character than Six is.


Flicker wears something close to a school uniform; white shirt with a black tie, and a green houndstooth patterned skirt. She also has multi-colored hair that is mostly pink, although mixtures of several other colors are clearly evident. She also wears blackish grey shoes with purple thigh high socks. One of her more defining features is her pixel eyes that go through "Atari" (one color, simple lines), NES (up to eight colors, more circular), and "SNES" (up to sixteen colors, more circular).


Peter Robinson was one of the several volunteers for A22 Industry's latest experiment known as NANO. NANO was a way to bring programs stably over a injection through needle. Peter Robinson was hoping to use it as part of a sex change operation and was told it would be a safe way to do such a operation without surgery. Although it had worked, it was bugged per the norm for A22's projects. Although they had claimed they would work out the bugs, Peter Robinson found that "she" had godlike powers through her ability to "glitch" the landscape. Glitching her captors, who were planning to remove the serum from her body, Flicker escaped, confused and frightened by her new-found power.


Fantendo - Genesis

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Fantendo - Genesis (2015)

Flicker is a glitchy ambient created by A22 by inserting the conciousness of a real person into a living program. Her new-found powers scare A22, who want to shut her down after she harms Dr. Hex. With the help of 3.14 and Dr. Luna, Flicker finally manages to control her powers... for the time being.