Full Name Fledge
Gender Male
Location Skyloft
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Fledge is a Male character from Skyloft who appears in The Legend of Zelda series and made his debut in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. During the game Fledge loses the Wing Ceramony and is a minor character in the series who runs the Pumpkin Pull which is a game where Link has to shoot arrows at Pumpkins whenever Fledge throws them. Fledge can often be seen in Daytime around Skyloft, but during Nightimes Fledge can in the Knight Academy in his room doing push-ups.

Fledge will ask Link to get him a Stamina potion for the extra strength he needs in order to become strong. Each time Fledge gains a Stamina potion the numbers of his push-ups increas and when the number hits to 4,000 then Fledge gives some Gratitude Crystals.

General Information

Personality and Traits

Fledge is a cowardly person and a nice one. Fledge is always motivated especially whenever it comes to his push-ups work out. Fledge is a nice person as well as he treats his friends such as Link nicely.

Physical Appearence

Fledge has light green hair, an orange tunic, brown shoes, light blue shoes, and white pants.


  • A fledge is the stage of a bird's life when a young bird develops stronger wings and muscles to fly.