Fleas (Minions)
The alien surgeons
Gender All Male
Species Alien Fleas
Location Sakerine's Lab
Current Status Active
Class Enemy Minions
Dr. Sakerine's Minions (Formerly, now live for themselves)
Main Weapon(s) Needles, Teeth
First Appearance Skip and Sqak Returns! (2011)
Latest Appearance Skip and Sqak Back In Action (2012)
Fleas are enemy minions who appeared in Skip and Sqak Returns! and Back In Action. They are alien fleas who formerly worked for Dr. Sakerine until he abandoned them after the Island-Tizer 2 exploded. Like their master, they have an obsession for torturing and experimenting live people.


Feral fleas who have a twisted desire of probing the most disgusting body parts no one should know about.
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