Flaum back


Gender Male
Main Weapon(s) Gun
Vulnerable To Water, Bright Light, Food after midnight.
First Appearance Sam Squad and Hood'ems: Rally Road Racing
ToadTheif on 2nd lap!
Flaum, Sam Squad and Hood'ems: Rally Road Racing

Flaum is a Mogwai. He is the only one that can speak full English.


Sam Squad and Hood'ems: Rally Road Racing

In this game, Flaum is the ref. When the countdown ends, Flaum will shoot his gun, and the characters drive, and the race starts. When someone completes a lap, he will shout out their name, and what lap they just entered.

Fantendo Kart: Helden

This game is the first time that Flaum is playable.

Fantendo and Nintendo Sports

Flaum appears as an assist. He is actually, two assists. One of him, one in his ball form.



Flaum is German for fluff.

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