Flat Pack Graphite Wars is a 2009 first person shooter for the Wii by Hybrid Co. It uses the Flat Pack Puzzler media and puts them in a new form of gameplay. 


The gameplay is a raw first person shooter in a monochrome open world enviroment where you defeat other armed or non-armed enemies and restore colour to your world, with the ability to switch between the two.

There are two playable characters who can be customised and dueled together online with up to 2 players or in a open free for all match. 

Sometimes police will be after you if you kill innocent civilians in the city area so all weapons must be hidden to hide evidence if your caught and bodies be disposed, although enemies do explode upon contact, civilians don't. 


The Case Kingdom has been turned into a monochrome land by a Rebellious Army lead by Flat Packer bringing his old army with him. Recto is summoned when a wizard knight pleads Recto to help save his kingdom after hearing of his previous feats and being some sort of admirer. They start their own force to take Flat Packer down and restore colour to the city. 

Some puzzles may need to be solved to advance such as shooting cubes to open doors to keep the cube theme of the series. 


Image Name Description
Recto The main protagonist has many stationary weapons avaliable. He's already saved a species so restoring a world is childs play. 
Merlino The colour restorer and a inspiring wizard knight who is a commanding force to be reckoned with. 


Pencils can be reused once if sharpened, others can be sharpened to restore their ammo.

Image Name Description Ammo
Pencil Pencil's are used for quick stabbing. 1
Push Pencils Push the top to fire graphite bullets. Simple as. 20
Felt Tip Find different coloured felt tips to repaint your world again. Lasts 20 uses.
Coloured Pencil Quick stabbing and also can be used to colour non-buildings such as people and plants. 1
Compass This compass is a sharp as a knife and can be spun and struck to attack. Aquired in the second level, Under Construction. 1
Scissors A reliable permanent inventory item, for quick double stabs or clearing evidence from your enemies. 1 (forever)


Image Name Description


Image Name Description
Eraser Erasers will try and rub out the little colour placed in the world.
Pro-tractor A protractor on wheels who attack by spinning around a full 360 degree turn.


  • Before the game came to existance, it went under forms of Opaque View: Morning Light and MicroWorld. The two concepts were fused together and the game was born.
  • It's beta name Paper Cut was suggested by Half-blood2000 (tbc), but Stelios7 (tbc) chose Alange95 (tbc)'s Graphite Wars in the end as he believed that Paper Cut better suited a hack and slash game or just knife combat.
  • The second level, Under Construction is a pun on the constructive world looking unfinished and the maths equipment that are used for geometric construction are there.
  • The game was originally it's own original project but the controversial more family-friendly Flat Pack liscence was slapped on it. 

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