Flasher Guy
Flasher Guy
Flasher Guy with and without raincoat
Full Name Flasher Guy
Gender Male
Species Shy Guy
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Clash of Chaos

Flasher Guy is a character first appearing in Mario & Luigi: Clash of Chaos. Throughout the whole game he is hidden in several locations and will only move when he is found. You will get rewards for finding him, and at the last hiding spot he will reveal that he, in reality, is three Shy Guys stacked on each other.

Locations and Rewards

  1. Koopa Woods - Refreshing Herb
  2. Deserted Desert Little Ruins - Star Candy
  3. Ghostly Mansion Courtyard - Retry Clock
  4. Beanstalk Village Hidden Cloud - Money Check
  5. Underground Pipe Maze - Shy Guy Storm (Summon)
  6. Bowser's Castle Dungeons - Dungeon Keys + reveal