#725 Flarsel
Sprite in Amber & Jade
Category Ferret Pokémon Pokémon
Original Region Peteo
National Dex Nr. #725
Peteo Dex Nr. #004
First Appearance Pokémon Amber & Jade Versions
Type(s) Fire
Ability/ies Blaze
(Hidden: Lightning Rod)
Average Height 1'05"
Average Weight 16.9 lbs
Evolves From N/A
Evolves Into Flarselec
Flarsel is a Fire-type Pokémon found in Peteo.

It evolves into Flarselec at level 16, which evolves into Watteasurn at level 36.

It is one of the starter Pokémon in Pokémon Amber & Jade Versions, alongside Dillant and Octus.


Game Data

Pokédex Entries

Game Locations

Base Stats

Type Effectiveness


By Leveling Up



725-Front Rare Candy Sprite
Level 16
726-Front Rare Candy Sprite
Level 36
Flarsel Flarselec Watteasurn
Fire FireElectric FireElectric

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