I shall bathe you in my flames of agony!

Flare the Teddy Bear
Samantha - BowieQuest RPG
Current Age 18
Gender Female
Species Teddy Bear
Location Western Forest
Current Status Alive
Teddy Bears
Family and Relations
Bowie (husband)

Ashe (son)

Windi (daughter)

Sabeuxo (brother-in-law)

Oscargen (future grandson)

Vulnerable To Rock
Voice Actor(s)
Erin Bowman
First Appearance BowieQuest α
Flare is a secondary character in the BowieQuest series.  She is depicted as the wife of Bowie and as a hothead, using anger as her occasional tone of voice.  Her element is fire, which she had since she was a young child.


Before Birth

Her mother was running alongside the polluted streets of an enormous city, being chased by Endal.  She is cornered by the monkey, wanting to steal the magical pink-purple threads that would later create Flare.  Out of the sky, however, Sabeuxo appears and fights off Endal, giving the mother a chance to escape.  At the top of a building, she knitted Flare quickly, gave her to Sabeuxo and made him run off with her.  The mother stays behind to teach Endal a lesson, however, she dies.

Early Years

Raised by Sabeuxo, and later one of his children, Roberto, she was raised with the temper of old Sabeuxo, using anger whenever possible.  She later attended school and met up with Endal, and managed to beat him in a small amount of time (because the monkey was weak from an earlier battle).  She learned to control her fire powers and use them as advantages in a fight.


During this period, she met Bowie, and managed to marry him some years later.  She had good grades in school, but didn't really get to use the intelligence to advantage.  They eventually stitched up Ashe and Windi.

Modern Life

She now chases Endal for revenge for everything that happened wrong in the teddy bear history.


Game Appearances



Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Flare is a starting character in this game, based around speed. She uses bows and arrows as well as fire, and is considered a decent character at most.

Her home stage is Midnight Ruins.


She is hot headed, but at times she can be very friendly and social and help the family out well.  She's shy around males, but isn't as much towards females.



They get along well, like how a husband and wife should. The two like to spend time with each other, but can get a little bit carried away with arguments sometimes.


Flare and Ashe get along well, but sometimes have big fights over little things. Getting too angry at Ashe can cause her to become drenched very badly - enough to go to the hospital.


The two admire each other a lot, and sometimes pull pranks on Bowie and Ashe for fun. Although they both admire Bowie and Ashe, they sometimes can't resist but pull pranks.


The two rarely react, but are usually friendly towards each other.


While Oscargen can get carried away with strange experiments and be anti social, the two are on good terms. They can really help each other out.


The two hate each other to bits and threaten to destroy each other each time they cross. Even though neither of them ever succeeds.