Flare Flower
Flare Flower New
The Flare Flower's Newer Appearance
Item Type Power-Up
Kind of Item Fire-Based
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy
Giant Fireballs

Immunity to Lava

Fire Dash

The Flare Flower is a Power-Up that appears in some Mario Games, it has a similar design to other flowers although features a different colouration and somewhat different appearance in some itterations. It has abilities similar to the Fire Flower although to a greater extent, hence its rarity.

It first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy and can be used by Mario or Luigi, giving them a Golden Cap and Shoes with a Black Undershirt and Red Overalls & Gloves.


The Flare Flower has two main itterations, the classic version and the new version. Both versions function identically however differ in appearance.

Classical Version

The Flare Flower looks quite similar to the Fire Flower. It has a red and brown colour scheme. It has an angry expression on its face, its leaves are a bit larger and are red outlined. The eyes of the flower glow red to signify the fiery energy it wields.

New Version

The new design differs somewhat from the original, it still maintains a similar shape however now posesses four spade-shaped leaves which are Brown-Grey in colour, its stem has also changed to match this colour. Its outer ring is still mostly red although posesses three details on its sides and top that make it appear more flame-like. In addition its middle ring has become Yellow and Orange possibly referencing its immunity to Lava, finally the center has been changed to Dark Grey-Black and the eyes are a down brown colour.

Unlike hte classic version the eyes do not glow however its middle ring seemingly shifts like lava.


Once the player collects the Flare Flower, Mario or Luigi is able to hurl giant fireballs, much larger than that of the Fire Flower, swim through lava safely and when dashing he will catch fire, much like Burning Mario. When dashing, Mario or Luigi will ram most enemies that they touch.


Like normal Mario and Luigi retain most of their weaknesses such as Poison, Electricity, Spikes and contact (unless Fire Dashing). In addition Mario and Luigi's Flare Flower Power-Up will change to a Fire Flower if they come in contact with any water and they will melt ice on contact which makes some levels more difficult.

It takes some time for Mario and Luigi to Fire Dash so enemies who are about to hit the duo when they're standing still will be able to hurt them.


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