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Full Name Flames
Current Age 10
Date of Birth May 3rd
Gender Male
Family and Relations
Koopalings(Offical Ones Only),Bowser Jr.,Bowser,Iggy's Pets

Flames is a fan-made charter and is the youngist of Bowser's kids.He is basicly a look-alike of Lemmy,a real charters from the games.


Flames was born after his 8 siblings had died in an earthquark,with having his dad along with most of the good guys,Kamek and a couple of radom enemies surviving.He rather words never knew about Jr.,Larry,Morton,Wendy,Iggy,Roy,Lemmy or Ludwig until he found a book being wrotten by Morton when finding a secert wall.He later was freaked out to find out that he had siblings,and was even more freaked out how much he looked like one of them.When he first saw Lermmmy,He said "Dad!He looks like me!".After reading a couple of Iggy's books wich he found in the attic,He was able to bring them back to life with some he made.After words,The whole Koopa falimy was back together again thanks to Flames.The only one lost was one of Iggy's pets,Boo,who ran away and was found a few week after of Hey-Look-I'm Finding This STUPID Boo program created by Iggy.Flames was happy to have siblings,episly Lemmy.However,It seemed if a few of them(Morton,Ludwig) enjoyed being dead,for an unknown reason.

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