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Flame in the Dark 2: Tartan Special (aka Flame in the Dark 2, or FitD2) is the upcoming squeal tae Flame in the Dark. It's made by Flame Games. It will release after Flame in the Dark, in 2010. The nations of the United Kingdom have different release datesIreland have a different release date tae the rest of Europe, Canada have a different release date tae the United States. It is a much different game from Flame in the Dark, but has all the weapons retained - and most of the characters return. The biggest change is that the game is on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360, as well as it being on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Flame Bomb.



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There is Civil Unrest in France. There are huge groups of people destroying houses, pubs and more. The Celtic Nations have set armies to control the violence. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, the four main Celtic Nations, are taking major action - the other three have not set anyone to help. It's down to French, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Northern Irish forces to calm it down.

Spec. Ops.

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Online Play

Flame Games confirmed that there would be online play in Flame in the Dark 2: Tartan Special, using Flami, Nintendo WFC, PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. They can use any character seen in the game - including the non-playable characters in the main games.


Levels and New Characters will be downloadable, via Flami, Nintendo WFC, PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. The character list is below. The characters and levels will be playable on and off-line.



  1. Clyde (Playable)
    1. Baby Clyde (Playable)
    2. Fire Clyde (Playable)
  2. Banana Jr. (Playable)
  3. "Soap" (Playable)
  4. "Richy" (Playable)
  5. "Red"
  6. "Blue"
  7. "Green"
  8. "Yellow"
  9. Snow Master (Playable)


  1. Flame (Playable)
  2. Fire Master (Playable)

Downloadable Characters

Downloadable Characters are mainly guest characters from other series. All Downloadable Characters are playable

  1. Dashed
  2. Toadtool
  3. Shroobster
  4. McBoo
  5. O'Lantern
  6. Tranzformez
  7. McOober
  8. Purple Koopa Bro.
  9. Nightwolf
  10. Ella Metals
  11. Andy Pasta
  12. Samuel Think
  13. YoshiEgg Nook
  14. Bloop
  15. The Groo


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There are set tae be over 500 weapons in the game - with over 350 already confirmed. You normally get two vehicle (including Planes and Helicopters), and five guns to choose from at the start.


Trophies (PS3) and Achievements (360)


44 have been confirmed.


  1. Complete Level 1*
  2. Complete Level 2*
  3. Complete Level 3*
  4. Complete Level 4*
  5. Complete Level 5*
  6. Complete Level 6*
  7. Complete Level 7*
  8. Complete Level 8*
  9. Complete Level 9*
  10. Complete Level 10*
  11. Get 1 Star in Spec. Ops.
  12. Get 4 Stars in Spec. Ops.
  13. Get 10 Stars in Spec. Ops.
  14. Get a kill-streak of 5


  1. Complete Level 11*
  2. Complete Level 12*
  3. Complete Level 13*
  4. Complete Level 14*
  5. Complete Level 15*
  6. Complete Level 16*
  7. Complete Level 17*
  8. Complete Level 18*
  9. Complete Level 19*
  10. Complete Level 20*
  11. Complete Level 21*
  12. Complete Level 22*
  13. Complete Level 23*
  14. Complete Level 24*
  15. Complete Level 25*
  16. Complete Level 26*
  17. Complete Level 27*
  18. Complete Level 28*
  19. Complete Level 29*
  20. Get 21 Stars in Spec. Ops.
  21. Get 25 Stars in Spec. Ops.
  22. Get a kill-streak of 20


  1. Complete the main story line
  2. Get 30 Stars in Spec. Ops.
  3. Get 40 Stars in Spec. Ops.
  4. Get 50 Stars in Spec. Ops.
  5. Get 60 Stars in Spec. Ops.
  6. Complete Spec. Ops.
  7. Get a kill-streak of 35


  1. Unlock all the trophies.

Xbox 360


  • Scottish Flag Scotland
    • 6 September 2010
  • English Flag England
    • 7 September 2010
  • Welsh Flag Wales
    • 8 September 2010
  • 25px-Flag of Europe Europe
    • 9 September 2010
  • Northern Irish Flag Northern Ireland
    • 11 September 2010
  • Irish Flag Ireland
    • 14 September 2010
  • 25px-Flag of USA USA
    • 17 October 2010
  • 25px-Flag of Canada Canada
    • 18 October 2010
  • 25px-Flag of Japan Japan
    • 7 October 2010
  • 25px-Flag of Australia Australia
    • 4 November 2010


  1. English Flag English
  2. 25px-Flag of Europe German
  3. 25px-Flag of Europe French
  4. 25px-Flag of Europe Dutch
  5. 25px-Flag of Europe Italian
  6. 25px-Flag of Europe Spanish
  7. 25px-Flag of Japan Japanese (JPN Only)
  8. Welsh Flag Welsh (UK Only)
  9. Scottish Flag Scottish Gaelic (UK Only)
  10. Irish Flag Irish (UK Only)

Age Ratings


These are some of the quotes in Flame in the Dark 2: Tartan Special.


Baby Clyde

Fire Clyde



Banana Jr.






Fire Master

Snow Master




Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS

Flame Bomb

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Portable

Xbox 360






  • All the weapons return fae Flame in the Dark, however some have had a name change - putting "basic" in front of the weapon's name.
  • A Demo of the game will be released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.


Flame Games are set tae make Flame in the Dark 3: Celtic Revenge. They don't, yet, have plans for Flame in the Dark 4.

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Flame in the Dark 2 Logo 2 Lines
Developer Flame Games
Publisher Flame Games
Released 25px-Flag of Japan 7th October 2010
25px-Flag of USA 17th October 2010
25px-Flag of Europe 9th September 2010
Scottish Flag 6th September 2010
English Flag 7th September 2010
Welsh Flag 8th September 2010
Northern Irish Flag 11th September 2010
Irish Flag 14th September 2010
25px-Flag of Australia 4th November 2010
25px-Flag of Canada 18th October 2010
Genre Horror
First-person shooter
Third-person shooter
Scrolling Shooter
Ratings PEGI18+
Platforms Wii
Nintendo DS
Flame Bomb
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Portable
Xbox 360
Input Wii Remote
Classic Controller
GameCube Controller
Wii Zapper
Music By Flame Games
Number of Players 1, 2, 3 or 4
Games Series Flame (series)
Flame in the Dark