A Interview for Flame in the Dark.


  • EEA Inc. - I see you started a new game. What is the storyline for this Flame in the Dark.
  • Flame Games - Well, It's set to be like Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2, with Campaign, Special Ops and Online Multiplayer. There will be 5 playable characters, including Clyde and new character, "Richy". The story will start with England invading the Southern part of Scotland, with the Tartan Army's reaction not being good. The 5 playable characters will be spread out over 5 different parts of the South of Scotland. They will need to reach checkpoint and complete challenges to get safe. There will be lots of fighting in the game, hence the rating of 18 (AO in North America).
  • EEA Inc. - I see that you will be giving it a high rating. Most war games are rated M but AO games have a bit more than just fighting in it. What else are makes this rating so high?
  • Flame Games - Really? Wow! I should not change PEGI to ESRB without checking! Changed to M.
  • EEA Inc. - Okay, just checking. Anyway, will the game have any use of guns?
  • Jet, Inc. - It's unlikely, but will Baby Clyde appear?
  • Flame Games - There is a chance that he could appear in some spec ops, but not in the main game.
  • Flame Games - Yes, there will be guns involved - no specific guns have been confirmed, yet.
  • Bomb Productions Games - Can you give us any info on this new "Richy" character?
  • Flame Games - Well, we'll say he's a Tartan Army member - friend of Clyde, that's it right now. We'll have more news on him soon.
  • Flame Games - More Richy NEWS! He was a former Red Dragon leader. He's human and Welsh.
  • BPG - Interesting... Now, will there be any other weapons than guns?
  • Flame Games & TV - Yes, there will be. We've only confirmed the common knife though. We'll be confirming more of campaign mode later on too...

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