Scotland are in hell - the English just don't know when to stop attacking them. Under the power of "Macca", the Tartan Army were down and losing to their main rivals, England. They need help from new Scottish, Welsh, Northern & Southern Irish troops to help. One of which was a young Yoshi, named Clyde. He'd need to get through many challenges to get to fight for the Tartan Army. A former leader of the Red Dragons was also in the mix, "Richy". They would be seen by "Macca" and "Soap".

Clyde would only have to go in through the course, and not doing all of other stuff.

The Beginning

Clyde is playable in this level
The player would complete the course. They needed to shoot, knife and charge at pieces of metal, with pictures of English Army members on. They had 9 places to go. They must complete the course within 45 seconds. They would do a review of the course and then a menu would appearer with difficulties on.

Great work Clyde! Take it again if you want to, if not come over here and we'll see what was good and what was bad.
"Soap" - If passed.

Scottish Decline?

Clyde is playable in this level
Clyde would be dropped of in Fishwick, Scotland for his first mission. Clyde would charge at many villains, shooting and knifing if needed. Near the end, Clyde would see Fire Master running away into Hornciffe. He would shoot him, but no harm would be made.

Not a bad first day, Clyde. It's not to hard to see why we've taken you on.

English Return?

"Soap" is playable in this level
"Soap" would take the second mission. He'd take at Berwick, a town at the very north of England. He'd take on some of the English Army, however it's only going to get much harder from here.

Banana Panic

Clyde is playable in this level
A battle between Clyde and, green Yoshi, Flame was in Carlisle. Banana Jr., a banana, would be taken hostage by Flame. He'd almost shoot Banana Jr. in the head, but Clyde would stop him. Clyde would end up shooting him in the leg, however there was no major injury.

Clyde, Don't Go For the leg.

Flame in the Dark?

Clyde, Banana Jr., "Soap", "Richy" and Baby Clyde are all playable in this level
"Macca"'s gone. Flame and him are brothers. You need to stop Flame and "Macca" before it's to late. "Macca" would be taken captive by the Tartan Army.

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