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Flame Tour Sports
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Football
Chapter(s) N/A


Flame Tour: Sports 1 is a Fan Fic, about the FA Cup.

Clyde: Well that's another Premier League team knocked out by Reading. Wonder how Flame feels - he had a League Two game to watch. Aldersh*t don't have a hope against Bournemouth!
(In Aldershot)
Flame: Goal! 2-1! Ha Ha! A Aldershot win and Reading basically out of the Cup - a 0-0 draw! (Gets a text) WHAT? READING WON!? SIGURDSSON? 88 MINUTES!?
Fire Master: Reading 1-0 Burnley! What? Burnley are a pile of sh*t anyway!
Flame: That's not the point.
Fire Master: True, we'll be beating them next year - in League One.
Flame: What? A side that can beat Premier League sides [Liverpool & Burnley] can't go down.
Fire Master: 'least they'll get beaten by Swindon.
Flame: Who?
Fire Master: Swindon Town - League One club.
Flame: No...
(Back in Berkshire)
Clyde: Oh well the sh*ts won - they'll not be going up, though.
Banana Jr.: Yer, it's fine - what's not is our position, 22nd.
Clyde: Yes.
Banana Jr.: 'least we can what the cup draw.
(1 Day Later)
Clyde: Well, the draw! Reading v...
Banana Jr.: ...West Brom?
Clyde: Oh!
Banana Jr.: 'least there's nothing to worry about.

(Reading v West Brom - Commentary)
Clyde: Ball Whipped in - Kebe shoots, and falls on his arse.
Banana Jr.: Good play there, but Kebe...
Clyde: ...Crap. But that's the good news - shot by Gifi! GOAL!
Banana Jr>: Haha! West Brom are out!

(Reading @ Wembley - Semi-Final: Reading v Chelsea)
Clyde: Lampard dives, and Reading free-kick! He's off! Second Yellow!
Banana Jr.: Like a bugger!
Clyde: Ball towards Karcan...

Clyde: Will He Score? Find out after the break!
Banana Jr.: What Ad Break?
Clyde: True!

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